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  1. Extravlad

    Future Events What's your future expectations for Blackbeard?

    Whitebeard = 50+ years as a Pirate, ruled over an entire era as King of the seas for over 2 decades. Bigmom = 50+ years as a Pirate, ruled as an Emperor for decades. Kaido = At least 38 years as a Pirate, ruled as an Emperor for decades. Blackbeard = 2 years as a relevant Pirate, gonna fall...
  2. Extravlad

    Episode Discussion One Piece Episode 970 - Sad News - The Opening of the Great Pirate Era

    Smoker shouldnt be in loguetown this is non canon anime filler idk why they showed that again Also no one asks Roger for his treasure in the manga, he had it all planned and speaks without being asked anything
  3. Extravlad

    Break Week Law was disappointed with his performance against Doflamingo; but content to die against Vergo (a face of humility in the face of a beast of war)

    It's no wonder Oda had to make Vergo lose the way he did. -Using hax to defeat him : Vergo was just TOO DURABLE with TOO MUCH stamina to be defeated by physical blows. The man wasn't breaking a sweat even after taking attacks from Sanji,Law and Smoker. He never screamed in pain nor reacted to...
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    Future Events Luffy as Pirate king wont make difference and Marines will see him as threat

    Godwin's law in 2 post wow you're a smart one aren't you? Akainu killed the civilians because the scholars held the power to literally destroy the world and he didn't want to risk any chance of one of them escaping. This isn't up to interpretation or ideological. The scholars can read...
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    Future Events Luffy as Pirate king wont make difference and Marines will see him as threat

    Killing deserters isnt a crime Killing the Ohara civilians was indeed a crime but he did not do it for evil reasons
  6. Extravlad

    Future Events Luffy as Pirate king wont make difference and Marines will see him as threat

    Luffy is the man who will challenge the world as WB predicted. He will find the One Piece and challenge the WG with Poseidon aka Shirahoshi as his ally. Final war will be -Pirateking Luffy and his crew -Revolutionary Army -Strawhat Grand Fleet -Allies such as Kyros,Elizabello,Wano Samurais...
  7. Extravlad

    Favorite antagonist in each series ?

    DB : Piccolo Daimaio DBZ : Close one between Freeza/Kid Buu DBGT : I haven't watched it in so damn long that I don't even remember most of it honestly. DBS : Jiren
  8. Extravlad

    Current Events Shanks fans should give up

    Shanks fans should indeed give up on the idea that he's top 1 because Blackbeard is 100% gonna beat/kill him. Then again I could say worse things about Bigmom fans but it would be pointless as she doesn't have any :suresure:
  9. Extravlad

    Questions & Mysteries Was Zoro the Pirate that Hawkins predicted a 1% survival rate?

    No. It was Drake. No reason why Hawkins would check for Zoro's survival chances.
  10. Extravlad

    Questions & Mysteries Is Luffy lucky that he doesn't need to fight Prime WB?

    Garp never said they're equal to PWB. Yes of course he is lucky. So was Roger. If WB had any ambition regarding Laugh Tale, Roger would have never became Pirateking. Roger was gifted Oden by WB, WB takes half the credit for Roger's success
  11. Extravlad

    Current Events Rooftop Five hype "The strongest pirates of the new generation"

    Killer is getting stupidly overrated, he's up there because he's Kid's first mate, he's not stronger than Urouge or Drake. Portrayal implies that Drake > Base Urouge = Killer.
  12. Extravlad

    General & Others Times the anime did better

    The very end of Luffy vs Lucci
  13. Extravlad

    Vergo and Enma Zoro vs Calamities (Monster Duo vs Clown trio)

    Zoro annihilates King off being the much superior swordsman, having CoC, making his captain Kaido SHIVER and giving him a permanent scar. Vergo beats Queen due to being the superior athlete. Bamboo blowgun >>>> robot laser beam, if Chopper can make Queen bleed then Oni-Take finishes him off...
  14. Extravlad

    Character Discussion Zoro - The Ultimate - Oda's Most Powerful Character

    EoS Zoro with 3 black blades + Asura + Advanced Conqueror Haki ... You better hope he chooses to retire and get drunk on an island with a wifey cause NO ONE alive or dead can handle that level of strength.
  15. Extravlad

    Character Discussion Shanks - the man that the Gorosei and Sengoku deeply respect and listen to

    Shanks respects the Gorosei more than the other way around. The way he speaks to them in the raw text is with the utmost respect. The Gorosei probably perceive him as an useful tool, their goals seems to be aligned, they both want to preserve the balance of the world Make no mistake though...
  16. Extravlad

    Break Week Alliances between each Fanbase

    Luffy fanbase+Sanji fanbase. Sanji's fanbase wanks Luffy better than his actual stans do
  17. Extravlad

    Powers & Abilities Understand WHITE BEARD VS AKAINU, HAKI Luffy > Haki WB, ZORO kills Akainu.

    Is this the first shonen you have ever read? Every single villain that comes after Kaido will be stronger than him.