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  1. Luffy bin Dragon

    Powers & Abilities Can Zoro go light speed

    Zoro too stronk :steef:
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    Questions & Mysteries What rank would each SH have in the navy

    Luffy-Admiral Zoro-Admiral Rest-VA
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    Speculations Expectations for Kidd after Wano

    @rerere @ReggieZoldyck21 @Lukegranders @Pantheos @Legendaryconquer#1
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    Anime & Manga Usopp Avis

  5. Luffy bin Dragon

    Chapter Discussion Did Zoro only cut Kaido with Enma

    At first it might look that way seeing as Tattsumaki is a santoryu attack but there is only one slash on Kaido But 1080 pound canon is also a santoryu attack and did the same
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    Anime & Manga Is Usopp more durable than base Sanji

    After taking an Ulti skull canon he appears to be fine a couple minutes later with only a couple bruises. Hell his broken tooth even regenerated While Sanji taking way less damage appears in a worse state
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    Questions & Mysteries When will we get Asura

    Everyone else seems to be going all out
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    Character Discussion A Brave Warrior of The Sea

    Definition of brave 1: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty Usopp does not have to stop being afraid in order to accomplish his Goal in fact his goal has a lot to do with him being afraid and overcoming his fear. Him losing his fear would be character...
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    Fanclub King of The Beasts, The Worlds Strongest Creature, Mr Top 1 Kaido FC

    Waido:kaimoji::kaimoji::kaimoji: Governor General: @KAIDO D. STRONGER Calamities: @MonsterKaido @Luffy bin Dragon @Zoro D Goat Joker: @Blother Flying 6: @Finalbeta @Hanzo hattori @Enryu @spitles @Roronoa-sama @sidestreetboy Headliners: @Veljko2000@uyuu @Sentinel Gifters: Waiters: Pleasures:
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    Questions & Mysteries Who are Blackbeard’s commanders

    I'm thinking Vasco shot,shittu, and auger judging by there matchups vs the RHP
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    Speculations Is Rayliegh Mihawks Dad

    Shaky retired from Pirate life 1 year after the birth of Mihawk:bamathink:
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    Speculations Was Kizaru sent to Mihawk

    Akainu said that they didnt the forces to deal with Wano and hes the only admiral missing
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    Powers & Abilities Enma isnt a power up and this chapter proves it

    Enma doesn't facilitate it's own power. It's a catalyst for growth for one's Armament haki as it challenge the user to rise to a level of control & mastery over their Armament haki to utilize its unconventional capabilities to their best ability. "When I get used to this" - Zoro The key...
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    Questions & Mysteries What is Enma's Power

    I've seen many people that chapter officially confirms that Enma is a power up but can we look back at chapter 955 the chapter which Enma is introduce and see if that's the case. Enma's only confirmed power is forcibly draining the user haki known as ryou in Wano So Enma doesnt actually have...
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    Character Discussion Kaidos scar is fully healed and Enma isnt giving him PTSD

    Its not Enma PTSD doing most of work opening the scar as we saw in this chapter that will open the scar nor scabbards doing the majority of the work it's all Zoro. No more excuses. Kaido scar is fully healed as seen on page 8 Enma triggers no PTSD from Kaido as seen on page 9
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    Anime & Manga Prime Moe vs Prime Hop

    I think Hop wins high diff