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  1. Prince Kronos

    General & Others Do Zoro fans still want King ?

    This thread has nothing to do with ZKK. I just wanna see how many of my Zoro peeps still want Daddy King ? Since I'm seeing everywhere Zoro fans getting excited for King..... So im interested how many of yall want Zoro vs King ? 1620378236 Ugh I gotta do this again...
  2. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Where did Denjiro go

    Hot take....Denjiro is with Hiyori now. And he was actually the one who brought her to Onigashma on his ship. So now he went to check up on her. The reason why he brought her is still unknown tho. I could be wrong tho. But yh Hiyori is here and she's coming in the plot soon
  3. Prince Kronos

    Nanika is AI

    I always thought this was a fan theory, but I just re-looked at the manga. And yh it literally shows that Nanika is an AI If you dont know, this is a drawing from Togashi in the manga. With it saying, "Im from the Dark Continent....AI". Of course talking about Nanika. This drawing came at the...
  4. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities Kid Sanji's Willpower feat

    Honestly this feat is tremendous. And whilst you may say that going on without food isnt a specific feat. Going on without food is a full on Will-Power feat. Shown in Chapter 3.... Here is Stephen Paul's translation... So now after determining that going without food is a Will-Power feat...
  5. Prince Kronos

    Chapter Discussion One Punch Man Chapter 145

    One Punch Man Chapter 145 - Silver Fang Chapter is out on Here Tagging @Shuyaku @playa4321 @Kiwipom @Light D Lamperouge @Marimo_420 @Jew D. Boy @RayanOO @PerfectHie @Dark Admiral @sidestreetboy @Parker @Tekashi69420 @Titty Croissant @Haoshoku @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @SmokedOut @Van @Patryipe...
  6. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Meme is a traitor

    As much as you want to accept it or not. She's betrayed the Beast Pirates by attacking P1. And it also doesnt seem to be stopping at P1, cause now she's pissed at all of Kaido's underlings. Nobody can trust her after word of this gets out. She'll deffo back Tama and go on a rampage. People who...
  7. Prince Kronos

    One Punch Man Chapter 144

    One Punch Man Chapter 144 - Jupiter, the bringer of Jollity Chapter is out on Here 1618884296 Tagging @Shuyaku @playa4321 @Kiwipom @Light D Lamperouge @Marimo_420 @Jew D. Boy @RayanOO @PerfectHie @Dark Admiral @sidestreetboy @Parker @Tekashi69420 @Titty Croissant @Haoshoku @Fleet Admiral Lee...
  8. Prince Kronos

    Current Events Zoro x Hiyori....A continuation of their plotline

    Their plotline is obviously still not over. Hiyori's playing the role of damsel, so she can't be off-panelled till the end. And we know she's in Onigashma now. If she's avoiding direct contact with the Scabbards/Momo, that means the only person she will be interacting with in
  9. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities Sanji is the world's greatest cook...he needs CoC

    Either he sees himself as that or he is that....Doesnt matter. At the end of the day he stands atop of every cook in the world. So yup he needs CoC now:kayneshrug:
  10. Prince Kronos

    Future Events Hawkins to meet with Zoro and Law

    Either meets Zoro or Law, or both at the same time. I think it's possible for Hawkins to buff Zoro with one of his cards...after Zoro gets healed by Hiyori.
  11. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities Conquerors Haki indications

    By now yall must be tired of seeing this same Sanji/Luffy CoC thingy.... I mean it must mean something...but we move... Anyways I thought Zoro did something similar to that with Asura... However apparently the Kanjis are slightly different to mean something is what my friend...
  12. Prince Kronos

    Questions & Mysteries Will King and Jack get their title chaps ?

    Kaido and Queen got title chaps Kaido - Chap 922 Queen - Chap 935 Will King and Jack get theres. I think King will get his...not sure about Jack.
  13. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities Meme is passed her prime....

    At this point it's fairly obvious. Most OP characters reach their prime around 30-50s, with a few exceptions. Meme is currently 68 years old, only 4 years younger than OldBeard. OldBeard....who's age was a big factor to his performance in MF. There is also a few hints that she passed her...
  14. Prince Kronos

    Speculations Genbu Orochi/Fukurokujo incoming ?

    We all know Oda's love to incorporate real world mythology into the OPverse. He done this many of times, adding many legendary creatures within this world. However currently Oda has been using Japanse you know Wanokuni is based in Japan. We can see this by: - Seiryu - Yamato no...
  15. Prince Kronos

    Character Discussion Sanji's Immense Will

    Many of times I hear, "Sanji doesn't care about ambition", "Sanji has weak will", etc. This all stems from his characterisation in Baratie. However the perception of people who say this are clouded in hate and animosity. They take one piece of information, and discard the rest of it. However...
  16. Prince Kronos

    Character Discussion Commander Chopper may become a thing

    So we know Chopper has always hated being irrelevant. We can look at his bounty gags and what not..... We see Udon, that he is still suffering from it.... However this is beggining to change with his whole matchup against Queen..... Everyone is cheering him on. And now they are sorry for...
  17. Prince Kronos

    Powers & Abilities Is Asura CoC ?

    Is Asura CoC or did Zoro unlock CoC or did Zoro use something similar to CoC and he never acc used CoC Opinions ?
  18. Prince Kronos

    Speculations How Queen met Kaido

    Since Queen knows Judge, and Judge knows Vegapunk. It's highly likely Queen worked with Vegapunk as well. And we all know Vegapunk did experiments on maybe Queen met Kaido when he was Vegapunk's subject. Then he ended up freeing him and joined his crew.
  19. Prince Kronos

    Speculations Law vs Jack

    I think it's a plausible possibility and a good potential fight. Their are some set-ups..... - Law helped defeat Doffy.....and Jack wanted to save him - Jack hurt Bepo's people, and Bepo may wanna fight Jack. Then Law joins in and helps him - Also Law in Kuri being afraid of alarming...
  20. Prince Kronos

    Current Events It's time for Zoro's flashback

    I think Zoro getting his flashback is the only possible reason for why Oda has been giving his best moments so close together...instead of spacing them out. It makes sense to give Zoro his best moments, then a flashback, then his last biggest moment. Right now all the bones in his body are...