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  1. Awayeah

    One Piece Chapter 1009 - Hell

    Chapter 1009 color spread had black enma again...
  2. Awayeah

    One Piece Chapter 1005: Devil Child

    Imagine of all other strawhats got a chapter in the raid with their name or epithet as the title! Luffy got 1000 and Robin got 1005... :steef:
  3. Awayeah

    One Piece Episode 959 - The Promised Port! Wano Country Arc Act 3 Begins

    Don't know if anyone lese mentioned, but they seem to have changed Zoro's clothes color on the opening... From the traditonal green to black with a with a red sash, lul
  4. Awayeah

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 999 Spoilers Discussion

    So Kaido got the Magikarp fruit... got it...
  5. Awayeah

    Powers & Abilities General Conqueror's Haki Discussion

    Kaido + Mama double Conqueror's Haki annihilation :steef: just for the hype
  6. Awayeah

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 986 Spoilers Discussion

    Apparently Kaido is falling near Big Mom... we have potential for some sweet double Yonko panels :steef:
  7. Awayeah

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 985 Spoilers Discussion

    First, the names. Now Yamato comes up with the same talk as Otama (met Ace and wanted to leave with him)... next thing we know, they’re sisters! Kappa
  8. Awayeah

    Future Events Sanji's power is in a supposed transformation, not in RS.

    Expanding on your first point about Queen: we can safely assume that the chemical weapons used by Jack in Zou were made by Queen, what could infuriate Sanji even more in a potential clash between the two, given that the minks being in the condition they were is one of the reasons Sanji "had" to...
  9. Awayeah

    General & Others What would be your plan at Onigashima ?

    Rob a smile or Devil Fruit. put it amidst Mama’s food. GG Yonko dead easy Kappa
  10. Awayeah

    One Piece Episode 929 - The Bond Between Prisoners - Luffy and Old Man Hyo!

    Am I the only one that can’t stop hearing gangnam style in my head whenever Queen appears dancing?
  11. Awayeah

    One Piece Episode 925 - Dashing! The Righteous O-Soba Mask!

    Aside from what everybody else already said, what a wasted opportunity to give us Sanji's new break eye-catcher...
  12. Awayeah

    One Piece Anime AMVs

    Remmember that one with 30 mins, telling the story until the return to Sabaody? That one was sick... I think it was called "The Story of One Piece". Original video was taken down a few years back, but there's another one up on Youtube. Funny thing is.. those 30 min fly by so fast you barely...
  13. Awayeah

    Questions & Mysteries Why didn't Oden use haki while he was boiling?

    I honestly don't think haki (specially armament) has to show up as hardening or nothing. The in between possibilities, even for unintentional use, are several.
  14. Awayeah

    Break Week One Piece - Chapter 970: Oden vs Kaido [BREAK WEEK]

    Old Kurozumis really did get their revenge. They were fundamental not only to Orochi, but to Kaido as well... Guess the anime guys will make this chapter... well, over the top, as they'be been doing.
  15. Awayeah

    Current Events How should the World Government and Marines have dealt with the Warlords after the end of the Warlord system ?

    In my opinion, I still think abolishing the shichibukai system was a huge mistake right now... Akainu was right when he showed himsef against it, and Fujitora was wrong. Things are clearly heating up. Two yonkous just formed an alliance, not to mention Luffy’s gonna be a real threat sooner than...
  16. Awayeah

    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 965: The Kurozumi Clan Conspiracy

    If that fruit is The Yamata no Orochi one, it is kinda weird. It doen't have the same patten other devil fruits do, the one much like Wano's Ukyo-e waves pattern...
  17. Awayeah

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 965 Spoilers Discussion

    So, Kurozumi seems to have been an important family before... Isn’t it strage thay two regions (hakumai and Ringo) have a Shimotsuki Damyo? Maybe Kurozumi clan had one of these regions before.. perhaps hakumai, since ryuma was a from ringo and probably a shimotsuki, or a shinotsuki predecessor...
  18. Awayeah

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 965 Spoilers Discussion

    What if Benn Beckman is Scopper Gaban?! LUL:cheers:
  19. Awayeah

    General & Others Charlotte Brulee Appreciation Post!

    I also wonder if when she told all their siblings about Katakuri's defeat, she was kinda liberating him from all the weight he carries... SHe saw him falling with his front side before falling backwards... Even if it wasn't her intention, in the end it might have done the job... I don't know...