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  1. ANIKI

    Versus Battle Chrollo Lucilfer (HunterXHunter) VS Diavolo (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

    -Both are in character -Both don't know the abilitys of their opponent Battleground is the Colosseum of Rome
  2. ANIKI

    The Headmaster (Higanbana) VS The Blair Witch (Blair Witch Project)

    A Headmaster of a Youkai School against a evil Forest Witch-who will win? Data for the Headmaster: The Headmaster Data for the Blair Witch: Blair Witch Battleground is the Forest of the Witch but the Headmaster can use all his abilitys freely.
  3. ANIKI

    Baki Hanma (Baki) VS Gotou (Parasite)

    Place: Tokio Battle Dome Both are in character
  4. ANIKI

    Lucifer Morningstar (Constantine Variant) runs a OP Gauntlet

    Lucifer Morningstar from the movie Constantine VS Round 1 : Charlotte Katakuri Round 2 : Monkey D. Luffy Round 3: Sabo Round 4: Edward Newgate alias Whitebeard Round 5: Marshall D. Teach Round 6: Shanks Round 7: Kaido & Big Mom Round 8: Gol D. Roger
  5. ANIKI

    Zoro (One Piece) VS Superman (DC Comics)

    Location: Metropolis Both of them are bloodlusted