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  1. NotTommy

    Current Events I kinda liked the end of the Black Maria plotline

    Wasn't the most interesting plotline but at the very least, I enjoyed seeing Sanji trust his female nakama this time around and I liked that Sanji wasn't afraid to admit that he's absolutely useless in this instance and that he needs help. I don't mind people calling him pathetic, in or out of...
  2. NotTommy

    Future Events Sanji's Opponent When The Straw Hats face the Blackbeard Pirates

    Sorry, if something similar to this has already been made. I'm new and I wanted to share my thoughts. I posted this on another forum so I wanted to see what people here would think on the matter. I think it'll be Avalo Pizzaro for reasons I'll state. Before that, I want to talk about why I...