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    Questions & Mysteries Who will take on King and Queen...

    notice how kinemon said shuten maru+denjiro+kawamatsu are the 3 strongest samurai, as in above catviper and dog, yet they get nothing?? while dog gets jack and cat gets perospero... being above cat and dog, logic says they get king and queen
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    Questions & Mysteries Luffy's rescue, or SUBrescue

    law's crew and submarine is down there. So that is why they got left outside of onigashima, they will save luffy?
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    Break Week Still not impressed by Mid

    so he used same attack he used on apoo, and even apoo tanked it. some more scrab metal, not even armaments. and bm shake her head like when looney tunes shake head when stuck in ground, like when franky left bike marks on her face with his bike:seriously:
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    Questions & Mysteries Momonosuke's big moment is coming?

    With VOAT he was fully aware of roof battle, and now can go dragonmode to save luffy, man up?
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    Break Week Only Luffy has luck to find haki teachers, I'm calling BS

    ace was 2 years with WB but he didn't teach him advanced coc, even if ace fought wb 100 times! sabo was with dragon a lifetime but he didn't show advanced coc, or advanced coa, or anything, same with bb for 20 years in wb crew. buggy was with roger yet he didn't even learn basic haki, sengoklu...
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    Break Week I hope you realise

    akainu is dogwalking kaidou and big mom by the time luffy gets to him...
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    Speculations The final battles already seem decided

    Marco vs king sanji vs queen Inu vs jack neko vs perospero jimbei vs whoswho robin/brook vs black maria nami vs ulti franky vs sasaki
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji no reaction to Izo?

    he was all over kiku when he meets her, but no reaction to izo????
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    Questions & Mysteries Yamato going to roof, Zoro sweating

    Next nakama yamato going roof. will he do more damage to kaidou then zoro? and beat kaidou along with luffy. #YKK
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    yeti cool bros vs zoro: zoro KO big mom + kaidou vs zoro: BM scared:'' dodge that attack kaidou!!!!!!!!!!''
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    Questions & Mysteries From a plot point of view, why you think Zoro didn't meet Vergo?

    Zoro as FM and second strongest, why didn't he meet vergo instead of Monet, why oda avoided them meet and instead send sanji after vergo and zoro after monet? is it because: a) vergo would win b) zoro would win
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    Speculations Sanji is gettin no battle this arc, stop dreaming

    perospero was his final shot at a 1vs1, but now he gets nothing. inu vs jack, law/bm vs queen, marco vs king, zoro is out. enjoy the flavour fo wci cake, only action sanji is gettin in the yonkou saga :king::queenmeme::akasalt:
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    Questions & Mysteries Proof that the 5 supernovas survived only because Big Mom and Kaidou had mercy

    Big mom used advanced coc punch on page1 of all people, yet she didn't use it on any of the 5 on the roof. if big mom and kaidou were serious, the 5 would be dead in 1 chapter.
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    Speculations Sanji vs Perospero it is

    BM is fighting queen, part 2 of udon, queen vs queen of totland. marco v king, inu vs jack. queen vs bm is like mechagodzilla vs king kong from the movie sanji's role this arc is avenging Pedro. is it satisfactory? no, peros should have been his WCI fight. and sanji woon't fight 1vs1 when zoro...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Oden gave his strongest sword to Hiyori instead of Momonosuke

    Why oden gave his strongest sword enma to his hyiori that is not even a fighter, made by the legendary hitetsu and gave the other one to momonosuke? It's like oden knew she will meet a strong swordman and marry him and give him her sword....
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    Questions & Mysteries DJ IS COC

    There were theories for a long while that id could be based on COA, black flames, but recent chapter shows it coudl be based on CoC. Sanji put his will into his kicks, his will that burns hotter then fire, reason it doesn't burn sanji too.
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    Speculations Why Queen has bigger bounty then King

    Queen is not only yc2 strong but he has plagues like ice oni or the one from Udon that help him take over countries and knowing how dangerous coronavirus is, you can see why WG sees him as bigger threat and why would give him bigger bounty then king that is just a bird, strong, but that's it...
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    Speculations The bounties after Wano, either good news or bad news

    Oda followed a pattern for bounties for 25 years. Luffy got first bounty ahead of others, but zoro first bounty was above the first bounty of luffy. zoro got his bounties ahead of sanji, but sanji's bounties were ahead of zoro's same number bounty: 77>60>30 177>120>100 330>320>300 but now...
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    Questions & Mysteries Are King, Marco, whatever vice BB has, Ben Beckman conquerors?

    Bm's right hand had coc, dofla had it, luffy's right hand has it, but about about the rest of VC, they kings too? and do any supernovas besides luffy, zoro, eustass have coc?