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  1. Zoro D Goat

    General & Others Character you don't like but the fanbase that you liked.

    Just another parody of this thread made by my friend @DarkWitch : But this time, it's gonna be reverse. Which OP characters that you don't like (it doesn't have to be the characters that you...
  2. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events If Page One gets up from Big Mom's CoC punch.......

    Either Sanji is actually Yonko level or Big Mom's punch is as strong as Luffy's normal G4 punch.
  3. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Sanji's chapter title predictions!!!

    Since the theory of Sabaody Strawhat's reverse arrival trend got debunked in chapter 1009 where we switched back to the rooftop instead of a Nami chapter that we're supposed to get, we can safely assume that we can get a Sanji's chapter somewhere between 1010 - 1016 along those lines. With that...
  4. Zoro D Goat

    Tekashi69420 is here baby!!!!!!!

    Ayo, wassup fellow OP folks, it's ya boi, 6ix9ine here. Y'all might heard of me and some of y'all might not, but all I'm sayin' is that we're on the same page here, y'all know I'm sayin'? Anyhow, I really preciated for being part of the OP community and hope y'all folks welcome me here.:cheers...
  5. Zoro D Goat

    Speculations Would Zoro fans drop OP if Sanji fights Kaido and Zoro fights Orochi instead?

    Since this thread exist. Might as well make a speculation thread. Now now, I'm not saying it will happen but what would you guys would do IF it...
  6. Zoro D Goat

    Future Events Will Sanji saves Marco and fight King and Queen?

    As you guys heard of my Sanji vs King and Queen thread before. This will be the reinforced thread of it.:pepelit: Marco to Queen: Perospero wants to show that Big Mom Pirates reign supreme. And how...
  7. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Sanji's Ryou confirmed!

    Official color chapter of 936. Here's why @HA001 @Chrono @RayanOO etc etc. It's pink.:usoprice:
  8. Zoro D Goat

    Character Discussion Sanji's character development analysis in Chapter 1,005!

    Hello WG, welcome to another Sanji topic of mine. Hope you guys have a great day and enjoy.:sweat::sweat: A lot of people wanted Sanji this chapter to do the generic "I would rather die than talk" cool guy line. But that's Pre-Timeskip Sanji Sanji didn't wanna die a senseless death just...
  9. Zoro D Goat

    Zoro D Goat's 69,420 likes!!!!🎉🎉

    Credits to @Jew D. Boy for taking the picture.:steef: Enjoy the party!!!🎉🍻
  10. Zoro D Goat

    For anybody that is still confused about Advanced Armament Haki/Ryou.

    Hello Worstgen, today I will explained about how Armament Haki works and differentiate the stages of Armament Haki/Ryou in case y'all are still confused about how it works. So there are many different levels of Ryou. We can see that Luffy is trying to use Armament Haki and what he is trying to...
  11. Zoro D Goat

    Fanclub Stag Beetle Gifter-sama!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the FC of one of the coolest Gifter of the Beast Pirates!!!!!! Since we have a similar thread like this with the spider Gifter-sama, might as well make one for Beetlejuice himself. The one that makes Zoro run in fear.:steef::steef: Trolling aside, you can discuss anything about...
  12. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities Vergo tanked countershock better than BM

    All credits goes to @critical mindset from Thriller Bark forum. This follows from three pieces of corroborative evidence. (1) No plasma discharge There is no electrical arc being generated from the attack onto BM like there clearly is against Vergo. Which as you see there is a corona...
  13. Zoro D Goat

    Speculations Sanji will fight BOTH King and Queen!!!

    > King say that if Momo is dead then the war is over. And Sanji stop him from doing that. > Not only King failed to kill Sanji but his beak also got bend by the RS. So the next time King sees Sanji, he will definitely try to take revenge back. > For the case of Queen. Queen specifically...
  14. Zoro D Goat

    Break Week Why the Sanji downplay is stupid and pathetic!!!

    As I promised, welcome to my biggest thread of 2020. Hope you folks have a great holidays and spend time with your family and friends. Now, in this thread, I will debunking all the Sanji "downplay" that has been going on lately and I hope this thread won't get ruined like all the other threads...
  15. Zoro D Goat

    Powers & Abilities The longer Oda hides Anti-Manner Kick Course, the higher the chance Sanji will kill someone with it

    So as we know that Sanji's Anti-Manner Kick Course is one of the strongest, if not Sanji's strongest kick yet. And throughout the series, he only uses it 3 times (the irony lol). First it was against the Bananagator. Second was against the Groggy Monsters in Davy Back arc. And third and...
  16. Zoro D Goat

    What will you guys get for Christmas 2020?

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!!:christnally:Hope y'all stay safe and celebrated and spend time with your family, friends, relatives, etc.:funky: Just like the title said, what will you guys get for Christmas this year? I will share mine first, well, I don't really want anything much for...
  17. Zoro D Goat

    Character Discussion Reiju vs Ulti

    Reiju:sweat::sweat: Ulti:blush::blush: 1. Who is a better character and why? 2. Who has better design? 3. Who would you like to see more of? 4. Who has better powers? 5. Who is stronger between the two? 6. Who has better roles? Etc. For Reiju, do you think she will return in the future? Why...
  18. Zoro D Goat

    Manga Discussion Enen no Shouboutai/Fire Force

    Welcome to Fire Force/Enen no Shouboutai discussion thread. Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo which is the same author of Soul Eater (check it out if you haven't). This series has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine since September...