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  1. BossYimz

    08 March 1995-16 April 2021

    08 March 1995-16 April 2021
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    Fanclub Temple of The Grandmaster Zoro

    Hello to all This is BossYimz's little brother it is with a heavy heart I report that the great BossYimz (Real name Naph) passed away this past Friday 16 April 2021 at 11:40am He was 26.he was a great man, a great brother, a great son and a manga lover 4L He became ill last week...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1010 Spoilers Discussion

    Same here. Been saying the same thing
  4. BossYimz

    Questions & Mysteries MR Kid : << How are we supposed to beat them?! >>

    If Oda still follows this principle he stated in a and then it is clear Zoro is not the one talking, his mouth is closed
  5. BossYimz

    General & Others King fans didn't even get to overhype him like Doffy/Katakuri

    I think you are jumping to conclusion about King too quickly. We don't even know the guys bounty. We learnt of the yonko's bounties even before King desite him having had 3 intro boxes in the arc. Jack and Queen already got bounties revealed. Oda is holding back info on King for a reason and...
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    Character Discussion If/When Zoro kill Crydo

    Did WB not say the final war happens after op is found?
  7. BossYimz

    Character Discussion If/When Zoro kill Crydo

    This depends on what Oda wants to do with Zoro and at what point he fights Mihawk. I am off the opinion that Zoro will fight Mihawk after Luffy becomes pk. Reason being is that he told Kuma his ambition is useless if he can't make Luffy pk. There is also the fact that final war will happen...
  8. BossYimz

    Character Discussion If/When Zoro kill Crydo

    Your earlier argument was that Mihawk won't neccessarliy be stronger than earlier introduced character just because he is the final boss. Was just pointing out that your argument is not valid in this regard
  9. BossYimz

    Character Discussion If/When Zoro kill Crydo

    Mihawk was introduced before Kaido and BM. :whitepress:
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    Future Events Will Sanji fight Kaido or not? Bet thread

    Based on the above options I would say no. I think if Sanji is to fight the yonkos it will be against BM not Kaido
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    News ONE PIECE 7TH Characters Popularity Poll Announcement !!

    Of course. Post card votes count more than online votes. So even if Luffy turns out to have less people voting for him globally than Zoro but had more people sending postcards than Zoro. He can still win. It is not a really fair system but Oda and his team are the ones who made the rules so...
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    Speculations Will Usopp Awaken CoC?

    Yes, I believe Usopp will unlock coc
  13. BossYimz

    Speculations Zoro vs Kaido

    Amazing analysis
  14. BossYimz

    Character Discussion 40 and 60 Years Old Straw Hats drawn by Oda

    In terms of looks and designwise, both 40 and 60 Sanju are the best. In terms of badtime line, Chopper looks the best. I would have preferred Chopper to look like that over how he looks like in the good time line
  15. BossYimz

    Powers & Abilities Is Oden's haki inside Enma?

    :ihaha: This is top quality
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    Bm: "you underestimated him" :cheers::finally:
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers Discussion

    Not surprising. Zoro built different :cheers::finally: :finally:
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    Powers & Abilities Enma General Discussion Power-up / Black Blade

    Roger died at 53 Ryuma died at 47 Mihawk is 43 Zoro is 21 Both Ryuma and Mihawk have black blades whildt being younger than Roger. You keep insisting that Roger only fights out of neccessity. The same Roger who we saw jumped to fight Oden cause he was interested. He could have avoided that...
  19. BossYimz

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1001 Spoilers Discussion

    This is possible. Maybe banana shaped df only grow on banana trees. Thus if you know a df is banana shaped, if you carry a banana fruit, the df after leaving the dead user will go to the nearest banana fruit.
  20. BossYimz

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1001 Spoilers Discussion

    I agree. I think that bag had normal fruits inside of it. I assume dfs go to the nearest tree with fruits and grow there. I think that bag prevents the devil fruit "soul" from escaping and going to grow onto a tree. The bag forces it to grown in the fruits inside the bag he was carrying