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  1. Zarathos

    Versus Battle Kaido of the 100 Beasts vs The Jūbi

    Don't take it seriously, the Strawhat traveled half the globe aboard a caravella ( ship that can travel a max of 28 km in a day ) in less than a year Let's say they been traveling for an all year without never stopping : 28 x 365 = 9125 km That's half the circumference of the one piece world...
  2. Zarathos

    Character Discussion Who is a better antagonist? Enel or Rob Lucci?

    R1: Enel He was so threatening that no one even dare to talk bad about him. He beat everyone except Luffy and has manage to achieve his dream R2: Enel His design and power are top notch , and his God complex makes him an interesting character R3: Lucci Lucci fight is probably the most famous...
  3. Zarathos

    Versus Battle Kaido vs Natsu

    I don't see Kaido survive this
  4. Zarathos

    Controversial Jiren vs Kaido - who was the better antagonist?

    I would say Kaido , Jiren was actually a good person obligated to participate at the ToP
  5. Zarathos

    Character Discussion Saint Jay Garcia Saturn, will the mystery around the Gorosei finally be revealed ?

    Goda will subvert our expectations and make Saturn a luffy allied :saturn:
  6. Zarathos

    Current Events It´s time to admit: EGGHEAD IS ONE OF THE BEST ONE PIECE ARCS EVER

    I can't say it for everyone, but for me Egghead arc isn't that great ... -Devil fruits origin is a joke -I don't like Vegapunk ,cause most of his qualities are thanks to his devil fruit, and stolen technology from the past -Robin stayed with the revolutionary for 2 years and no one tell her...
  7. Zarathos

    Character Discussion What is the purpose of Shanks and RHPs in the story?

    Don't worry, we finally gonna see Shanks fight "that" person
  8. Zarathos

    General & Others What is Oda trying to say about people who fight S-Snake?

    To make it simple, that's a fantasy story that sell well on Japan Most of Japanese do a shity work with a shity payment and probably still live with the parents or totally alone So a story about a beautiful young woman that fall in love with an average guy it's pretty common and sell well You...
  9. Zarathos

    General & Others What is Oda trying to say about people who fight S-Snake?

    Are we seriously falling again for the old troupe " she looks like a child , so you're a pedo. But if she's looks like a child and she's 300 years old it's ok" ??? :nicagesmile: Besides , remember the lust thing first came up as an excuse to not turn Luffy into a stone , but later on Hancock...
  10. Zarathos

    General & Others What is Oda trying to say about people who fight S-Snake?

    So that's means S-Snake is a rarer and more valuable version of Hancock :amazing:
  11. Zarathos

    General & Others What is Oda trying to say about people who fight S-Snake?

    Hancock is the old past Seraphim-Hancock is the young future Now kneel to the future queen of Amazon-Lily
  12. Zarathos

    General & Others How many years will end ?

    Oh no , turns out there's no plan to end One Piece anytime soon Who could have seen this one coming ? :saden: Joke aside, this series isn't going to end as long as it make money
  13. Zarathos

    Character Discussion Mihawk And Shanks Are Boring Generic Characters

    I mean they were interesting and cool characters .... in the early 2000 :feelscryingman:
  14. Zarathos

    Chapter Discussion So... Does anyone also feel that Lucci's awakening looks like mythical zoan too?

    Or maybe Oda just wanted to give Lucci awakened form a cool design :nicagesmile:
  15. Zarathos

    General & Others How far one piece will decline ?

    Oda >>Luffy devil fruit is the gomu gomu no mi >>Retcon Luffy devil fruit >>Luffy is not special and need to overcome difficulties with his intelligence >>Luffy is the grandson of a marine hero , son of the most famous criminal in the world, stepbrother with the king of pirates son and joy boy...
  16. Zarathos

    General & Others How far one piece will decline ?

    So, essentially the origin of devil fruits is: Random dude: damn, i really want to be a jacket Wishing star: i got you fam :risitexcla::risitexcla:
  17. Zarathos

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers Discussion

    Seriously, how would everyone react if Lucci actually beat G5 Goffy? :bamathink: