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    Theory Vegapunk Traitor is not the villain/bad guy, it’s Stella

    but how can punk records be physically active and throw vegapunk and the cp agents into jail? 1677273078 remember how edison and pythagoras were letting s-shark on the strawhats and were like ya this is a once a lifetime opportunity to gain battle data? in 1071 edison had a idea and then...
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    Chapter Discussion As much as i love the new fights

    bro u DO realize that this is a pirate story? even shanks said this in the first encouter, that they dont play along any rules because theyre pirates its odas story, go write him a letter or stop reading op i hate this site and most user of it, am only here for the spoilers just read my name...
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    One Piece Chapter 1067 Punk Records

    most based opinion here
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    Future Events The Structure of One Piece's Final Plotline Has Been Clear For Hundreds of Chapters

    what about luffys first bounty? shanks was in a really good mood there, partying with mihawk ? 1666847293 i would argue that wano would took even longer, if he hadnt to match the story to film red, the extended resolution of wano would have took min. 20 chapters 1666847875 i mean its...
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    News New Oda interview states One Piece to end in 3 years and the story ends after One piece is found

    it really doesnt make sense to end the story after the one piece gets found, because luffy has to obtain the one piece to come to his own conclusion, like rayleigh stated in sabaody, in regards to change to world, we have to get an aftermath, like taking down the wg, with the help of the...
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    Chapter Discussion Why Momo said that to Yamato (1054 Spoilers)

    yo why are you so mad, if yall dont enjoy reading one piece and only complain about it, just stop wasting your time? get some new hobbys, meet a girl,settle down, whatever how can you actually be so bitter? every single post is just whining, you are so phatetic
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    Chapter Discussion Why Momo said that to Yamato (1054 Spoilers)

    HA if u read the spoiler for 1055 u'll realize that i was kinda right,
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    Chapter Discussion Why Momo said that to Yamato (1054 Spoilers)

    i rather think momo learns to use his df attacks, like bolo breath and stuff in this fight, which will prepare him to defend wano in the future
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    greenbull states that luffy has the ability to sway others, i think oda ended wano really anticlimactic, it would have been way better to lete the marines with all their force into wano and in the end kaido should have sacrificed himself in order to see luffy as joyboy succeed. would be a way...
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    Theory Dragon is a lunarian

    eyyo alex jones, but dragon got his tattoo later in his life? yall be doin too much , stop trippin with ya weird ass theories yall just conspiracy theoriest in disguise