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    Demon Slayer wins Japan Academy Film Prize for Animation of the Year

    @playa4321 @DarkWitch @Dark Hound @IceWitch
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    Koyoharu Gotouge selected for 2021's TIME100 Next list

    An absolutely incredible achievement! @playa4321 @DarkWitch @Dark Hound @IceWitch
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    Chapter Discussion Kimetsu no Yaiba - Original Ending and Epilogue

    Kimetsu no Yaiba's final chapters 204 and 205 were published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine back in May this year. However, what we didn't know at the time was that the original ending Gotouge wrote had to be cut from the magazine. Jump wouldn't allow KnY to have a page increase to fit in...
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    Rank these shows

    I'm interested on seeing the thoughts on these particular series. Please place these shows in order of your favourite. Next to it, please give the show a rank out of 10 based on how good you think it is. You can give a line of your thoughts too if you want. If you have not seen a show, just omit...
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    Apex Legends - Season 3

    So an awesome game which had an amazing reception at first, but unfortunately dwindled as time went on is now gearing up for its 3rd season which drops on Tuesday October 1st. Here are both of the trailers released so far which include the newest legend, Crypto
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    Episode Discussion Demon Slayer - Episode 25: Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri

    Demon Slayer - Episode 25 Title: "Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri" Aired: Sep 21st 2019
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    Debate Duels

    This is an idea from a discord server which I've developed a bit and thought would be quite nice to have on here too. So the basic idea is for there to be a formal section for high quality debating. Purposes: -Create a higher quality of arguments -Create more civil debates -Promote better...
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    Demon Slayer - Episode 22: Master of the Mansion

    Demon Slayer - Episode 22 Title: "Master of the Mansion" Aired: Aug 31th 2019
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    Hey :-)

    Hey, dizzy here! This new setup looks awesome! Congrats to @Bogard for providing such a great place. Great to see everyone and everything here buzzing with excitement instead of decaying and rotting. It feels like the beginning of something big. Like my former forum in its prime, ya...
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    Demon Slayer - Episode 21: Against Corps Rules

    Demon Slayer - Episode 21 Title: "Against Corps Rules" Aired: Aug 25th 2019