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    Speculations Kaku will fight Jinbe

    NOOOOOOOOOOO 1708450585 lucci vs kaku 1708450733 bro vs kaku
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    😛/sticker Cookie Stack

    😛/sticker Cookie Stack
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    not yet...may[y]aps
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    people with wrong opinions
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    ok 1708201732 i followed you so dont let me down by having the wrong aka different opinions 😶(scaryemoji)
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    when did i defend hamas 1708200251 and israel slaughtering civilians in palestine is not protecting israelis. 1708200460 defending israel for genociding palestinians is fucked up. hamas being evil has nothing to do with this. israel is targeting civilians not hamas. 1708200727 if hamas suddenly...
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    what in specific are you referring to
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    hamas is a terrorist group. terrorism isnt always bad, but it CERTAINLY is in the case of hamas' actions and goals. regardless, what theyve done and are capable of doing pales in comparison to israels campaign of unambiguous allout genocide against the palestinian people.
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    idk about the forums but u uwu cuz i like you

    idk about the forums but u uwu cuz i like you
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    yeah i dont look at the threads much anymore but anyways damn u lookin fine

    yeah i dont look at the threads much anymore but anyways damn u lookin fine
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    Controversial General Political Discussion

    fuck israel :3 1708129129 fuck houthis 1708129206 luffy would not be doing what the houthis are mr hastard
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    hi babe

    hi babe
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers Discussion

    helmeppo vs camel 1706587504 offscreen
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    Controversial The Final Wheel

    [devil fruit] swamp [fighting style] brawler [crew] 1 hawkins 2 buggy 3 wyper 4 blackbeard 5 yamato 6 hody jones 7 roger 8 doflamingo 9 hajrudin 10 rayleigh [ship] sabre of xebec [haki] armament [race] long-armed 1705681442 rayleigh haki training inbound wyper has advanced conquerors swamp fruit...
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    One Piece Episode 1089 - Entering a New Chapter! Luffy and Sabo's Paths!

    i actually kinda dig the colors used for prince grus ngl 1704722490 also whats the fourth cp0 mask in the back i dont have the opening with me right now but the hat looked the same as luccis yet the mask itself was different probably means nothing but eh
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    Delete This

    sanji is a bad icon for men because hes also extremely misogynistic and perverted. lots of lesbians adopt toxic masculinity and sanji could have easily been a dyke/butch woman who viewed OTHER women in the same way as current male sanji while still holding herself to a different standard as an...
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    Powers & Abilities Rename Koby's "Honesty Impact" attack

    thanks, hongenuinely also juanesty impact 1702821519 i like "pure impact" more especially since i think "pure justice" would be better for koby than "honest justice" since i think kobys optimistic purity/uncorrupted idealism is a more relevant THEMATIC FOCUS than his honesty/him being true to...