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  1. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others Shokugeki no Sanji

    Chapter 3 is out This time we get a chapter from Alabasta And as usual it doesn't disappoint Looks like this will continue with more chapters for different arcs, so maybe we can have a thread where we can discuss it all ?
  2. Kuro Ashi

    Character Discussion Queen Wano's No.1 Villain

    - The first character to display authority over the Flying Six, and as result of that the one responsible for the Flower Capital night fight between Sanji and Page One, as well as the extended search that happened afterwards through out the Flower Capital by X Drake and Hawkins - The main...
  3. Kuro Ashi

    Speculations What were the matchups for Garp + Roger Pirates vs Rocks Pirates

    THE GOD VALLEY INCIDENT This is the event that pited Garp and Roger against Rocks and his crew. Let's discuss and speculate on what the potential matchups have been in the fight that broke apart the Rocks Pirates. On the side of the Rocks Pirates we have Rocks himself Whitebeard, Big...
  4. Kuro Ashi

    Powers & Abilities The less obvious crazy feats Sanji has displayed in chapter 1015

    We're obviously all seeing the big new awesome looking move Sanji has used against Queen Gorgeous and we're all loving it. Now let's discuss about the less in your face incredibly impressive feats Sanji actually displays in this chapter. Starting with the second page, we see Sanji running...
  5. Kuro Ashi

    Speculations The Potential JOYBOYS

    HOW HIGH WILL YOUR CEILING GO ?!! YOU COULDN'T BE JOYBOY EITHER IT SEEMS.. The first is a statement early in Kaido's interaction with Luffy in Onigashima where he thinks of Luffy's potential, and the second is the last consideration he makes as a result of his interaction with Luffy...
  6. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others Oda Confirms Base Sanji one shoting X Drake is canon

    :stealthblack: Alsco Scopper >= Oden :hohoho:
  7. Kuro Ashi

    Future Events When facing Death Kaido will beg for mercy

    Oda made a big deal out of Kaido's desire to face death and his belief that in death a man perfects himself. However, we also know that Kaido could not be killed by any means, so he has actually never felt what it's like to be on the brink of death. This arc is inspired by the story of...
  8. Kuro Ashi

    Character Discussion Queen's Genius - How he almost single-handedly won the Onigashima War

    Welcome to Queen Sama's Show I will take this opportunity to go step by step and explain how Queen Sama, by far the best, most funky Yonko Commander in the manga, would and should have won this war for the Beast Pirates through his actions, if not for the plot pushing hard for the heroes...
  9. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others Is there a limit to what a SH should do if its for the sake of the crew ?

    I've seen the argument brought up that a SH should not let anything get in the way of doing the most for the crew. Is there a limit to that ? Is it ok to commit wrongdoings and to what extent ? Is it ok to murder an innocent, if it saves the life of a SH ? How many innocents would be...
  10. Kuro Ashi

    Character Discussion 40 and 60 Years Old Straw Hats drawn by Oda

    Use this thread to discuss the SH's at these ages as they were drawn by Oda. From basic stuff such as just their looks, to what you think they're up to, how they have maintained their friendships and interact with each other and so on :super: Also adding a poll to vote for your favorite...
  11. Kuro Ashi

    Powers & Abilities Roronoa Zoro - The Soul-Cutting Blade

    The Soul-Cutting Blade But Why ? Roronoa's final opponent before Luffy becomes Pirate King is most likely going to be Shiryu of the Rain. Who has added to his arsenal the power of the "Clear Clear Fruit". For now, the fruit seems to provide a similar ability to that of the Raid...
  12. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others The Monsters on the Roof

    THE THREE CAPTAINS and the First Mates discuss :brootea:
  13. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others Brago D. Ace's top 30 Strongest One Piece Characters 2020 Results

    16 lists were made in total. Character who got the No.1 spot on most lists was Kaido, claiming said spot in 9 out of 16 lists. The SH's who made it into these lists are Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe. Luffy's highest position on a list was No.9. Zoro's highest position on a list was No. 17...
  14. Kuro Ashi

    General & Others Mr Morj's Zoro vs Sanji: A Full Retrospective

    Zoro vs Sanji: A Full Retrospective I find Mr Morj to be one of the most level headed/ unbiased One Piece content creators so i'd recommend him in general for anyone interested. Since Zoro vs Sanji is one of the most discussed topics on this forum, enjoy his fresh, days old take on this...
  15. Kuro Ashi

    Future Events It's now clear that Sanji is way stronger than Page One

    After the latest chapter two things have become clear : 1. Sanji is a fighter of a different caliber when compared to Page One 2. Calamity level opponents will be required as his end of the arc opponents Why is this clear now ? Well to understand this we need to understand the type of dynamic...
  16. Kuro Ashi

    Character Discussion Ultimate Pacifista "Red Dog" Sakazuki

    The news spread through out the world : " Monkey D. Luffy has become the Pirate King !" The marines send reports about a Large Fleet coming together under his flag as well as numerous countries now raising the SH flag and ceasing communications with the WG. Drum Island, Alabasta, Fishman...
  17. Kuro Ashi

    I'm surprised no one took this name

    Kuro Ashi was the name i was using for OJ as well. I took a break from One Piece forums after the end of OJ, guess now i am back. I'm familiar with quite a few of you since i see you've kept your old names as well. Hello everyone, new and old alike :cheers: