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    Questions & Mysteries Most mysterious character in Oden Flashback

    What characters are the most intriguing such that so little is known about them? Yet they are very important to the story but almost all about them is obscure and shrouded in secrets.. I'm talking about characters that have been shown, not like Joyboy who was only mentioned and wasn't part of...
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    Speculations Will Oda miss on this opportunity?

    The Beast Pirates theme and jolly roger is based on Kaido's race, his horns are a big deal. Every member of his crew must have horns fake or not. With the exception of Queen and King, most of the subordinates from Jack going down have horns. So for Kaido's crew, horns are important and...
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    General & Others Drum Island VS Arlong Park

    Which have better characters with their analogous match? Dalton -vs- Genzo Doctorine Kureha -vs- Nojiko Hiluluk -vs- Bellemere Vivi & Carue -vs- Jonny & Yosaku Wapol -vs- Arlong
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    Powers & Abilities Ancient Zoan Properties

    In the recent chapter Ulti is in her Human form, she's too exhausted to transform nor use Haki. Also, after Zeus hit her with his spiked ball form, he mentions that her skin too hard, but her insides should be severly damaged. This scene implies that her Ancient Zoan devil fruit power grant...
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    Powers & Abilities Zoan Form Fake Hype

    The Goal of this thread is to put better clarity on full Zoan form specifically. Lets start with Pre timeskip.. When was it shown at anypoint in the manga that the Zoan Transformation matters other than as mean of transportation? Never Even Chopper's Animal form is merely utilized as a...
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    Powers & Abilities Rank these abilities from Rarest to least

    How would you rank those powers from Rarest to least and discuss it. - Black blades - Logia dfs - Mythical dfs - Voice of all things - Conqueror Haki - Future Sight - Cursed blades - Advanced Conqueror Haki - Advanced Armament Haki Internal Destruction - Awakening