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  1. Human D Luffy

    Speculations What if Doffy uses birdcage while staying outside of it?

    Birdcage is literally one of the most hax things written in OP. 1) Hypothetically if Doffy can use birdcage while being on the outside of it instead of the inside, how would the crew in Dressrosa be able to defeat him? 2) Does being able to do that alone already makes him yonko level or +?
  2. Human D Luffy

    Speculations Will Zoro open his left eye at Wano?

    Now begins the countdown of grandmaster's round 2 at wano, shall zoro decide to open up his left eye? Or is wano still not worthy for his left eye yet?
  3. Human D Luffy

    Speculations Can Luffy ever command 10 CoC users at their prime?

    Because @Sadistic Senpai and @Charlotte Horchata are trying to convince me that Luffy can command 10 CoC users at their prime. Here is their list: 1- Luffy (Leader) 2- Prime WB (just like he followed Xebec, also true right hand instead of weakass Zoro) also showed respect towards Luffy. 2-...
  4. Human D Luffy

    Anime & Manga Why didn't Sanji join Law's crew?

    Many compelling arguments for Sanji to join Law's crew. 1) All Blue. With law's submarine that can go tens of thousands feet below sea level, Sanji will have a much higher chance discovering all blue than with Sunny. 2) The No. 2 Guy Sanji being the #3 guy for some time, and will most likely...
  5. Human D Luffy

    Character Discussion Did Zoro’s Wano Feats Live Up to Your Expectation? Did He Surpass It?

    What was your expectation of Zoro before we enter wano? Did he surprass it or not? I will start off first. As a zoro fan, I certainly didn't see ZKK as a possibility pre-wano. I like Zoro, but just didn't see him capable of killing Kaido. My expectation was that he would extreme-diff King...
  6. Human D Luffy

    Speculations If Luffy gets KO by Kaido again (4th time), should Zoro become the captain instead?

    This post is purely speculative, and is not meant to make fun of luffy. Truth is, he has been made fun of plentifully lately. From a charismatic perspective, Luffy is still a better captain at leading and winning people's heart (friends or foes). But at some point, you gotta wonder how many L's...
  7. Human D Luffy

    Speculations If Zoro Mid-diff King instead of having his rooftop feats

    I want to gauge how impressive zoro's rooftop feats, by comparing it to a 1 v 1 feat. Scenario 1: Say instead of Zoro showing up on the rooftop, he mid-diffs King. Would you view this 1 v 1 feat more impressive than him blocking hakai and leaving a scar on Kaido? Scenario 2: Say instead Zoro...
  8. Human D Luffy

    Speculations How would Marineford have been different if Roger's crew found out Ace is the son?

    Marineford was the most epic arc but pretty one-sided imo. Sure, WB was a god but the admirals (except akainu) was barely trying and mihawk was literally just randomly swinging his giant sword around. So to make things more interesting, what if Ace's relationship with Roger was announced prior...
  9. Human D Luffy

    Speculations If Post Wano Strawhat crew goes back in time to save Ace

    I thought of discussing this because of the recent power surge we have seen from especially luffy and zoro, which has hyped us all up immensely. The main reason for the 2 year time-skip was Luffy's recognition of his weakness in strength, his failure to rescue Ace, and his determination to never...
  10. Human D Luffy

    Character Discussion Sanji-fans, how are you doing?

    My condolences to the utter lack of attention Oda has decided to give him. Or rather, the revelation that Oda himself is the biggest zoro fan in a matter of chapters. And if any of you still believes that zoro/sanji rivlary is still a thing (strength-wise), please let me know.
  11. Human D Luffy

    Character Discussion Is Zoro getting too strong too fast?

    Zoro prolly got the largest+fastest power-up ever. Or you can argue that we haven't never really seen his full strength post time-skip. Whichever floats your boat. This is after chapter 1009 in which zoro blocks hakai, the two yonko combo and arguably the strongest attack in the whole OP...