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  1. One of Two

    Discussion Power The Black Bulls are overpowered!

    The amount of power in the Black Bulls far outmatches any other squad in the Kingdom. They have: Asta - Captain level+, possibly Wizard King level. Yami - Captain level Nacht - Captain level Charmy - Captain level Noelle - Possibly Captain level Secre - Arcane Stage Vanessa - Arcane Stage Grey...
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    Versus Battle Yuno vs Mereoleona

    VS HYPE vs HYPE Who would win?
  3. One of Two

    Versus Battle Jack (Black Clover) vs Kenpachi (Bleach)

    VS The battle-fiends face off! Who would win? In character / Victory by any means Round 1: Current Jack vs Fake Karakura Town Kenpachi Round 2: Current Jack vs Thousand-Year Blood War Kenpachi Location: Hidden Leaf Village (uninhabited)
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    Discussion Power Who are the current TOP TIERS of Black Clover?

    As the title says, who are your top 10 strongest characters in terms of combat ability and magical prowess? Here are mine, from strongest to weakest: Dante, Julius, Zagred, Licht, Vanica, Lumiere, Zenon, Yami, Asta, Patry
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    Hi ya'll!

    Hello, I'm new here, mainly interested in the Multiverse Battle Dome of this forum. Looking forward to possibly liven up the place.