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    Did Mihawk lost his title?

    Did mihawk lose his title? Everytime Oda has introduce Mihawk he has had his beloved title. But now in the recent chapters with the introduction box we don't see it. But after recent confrontations, Oda has once again proved people wrong as he gave CP0 a "worlds" title in the same format...
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    Speculations Does Buggy Have CoC

    Oda might give him it as a joke who knows
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    Powers & Abilities Does Kizaru Beams Ignore Skin?

    The title: Ignoring Skin , meaning ignoring your toughness, mentions:
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    Am I disliked

    Am I disliked in this forum. -cries- : ((( :josad::josad:
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    Questions & Mysteries Does Kaido have awakening?

    Does Kaido have awakening? If he does hes already using it, since the jailer beast were unconcious themselves and it was still working for the, zoans awakening offer: Offers, boost of Toughness And Recovery Speed Crocodile says "They wont stay down for long" etc same as Kaido himself Kaido has...
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    Versus Battle Sanji Vs Soma

    Who Wins? The Straw Hat Cook Sanji or The unique tasty good Chef Yukihara I got Suma High Diff, he does cooking for a living
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    Powers & Abilities The Downplay of MF Admirals and Whitebeard

    Hello guys i'll be talking about MarineFord Whitebeard, as he was in fact the strongest yonkou Let's Start Off, (Sorry I dont know how to crop) Aokiji gets dismantled by a (pre-squard) stab whitebeard and was fully healthy at the time (no excuses Yonko's wanker) Aokiji survives and than...
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    Speculations 1 Vice Admiral can solo 2 Yonkos

    As you can clearly see Garp and Sengoku beat shiki so bad he turnt into a vice admiral, Shiki is said to be a rival of Rodger , he's also has 2 swords which is foreshadowing of him soling 2 yonkous in the future. Shiki>Yonkous nuff said the navy is on top and guess whos becoming a vice admiral...
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    Questions & Mysteries Blackbeard is the 1v1 King Actually Not Kaido

    "In a 1v1 bet always bet on Oda" as you can out of all the pirates, the gorosei says "possibly" notice how he says "themselves" no crew, kaido is supposedly be the the 1on1 bet type of guy but thats Blackbeard aka Mr strongest Yonkou, Aka doesn't sleep which is a auto advantage in a war, (no top...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why do you think Kaido has a hybird form?

    Kaido is a mythical zoan I doubt he has a mythical , not even marco has one its just dragon and his base enhancements from the fruit