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  1. Bepo

    Character Discussion Admiral GreenBull/Ryokugyu : Predictions

    Admiral Greenbull is arguably one of the most anticipated characters in the series next to Dr. Vegapunk. Doflamingo referred to Greenbull and Fujitora as “beasts”. After seeing Fujitora, I tend to believe that Greenbull will be along the lines of Akainu. Kizaru is the only member of the former...
  2. Bepo

    Chapter Discussion ''People say ''in a one-on-one fight, always bet on Kaido''

    I'm honestly glad that Oda is taking the story in this direction. It puts a lot of respect on Kaido's power and just the level of strength that a Yonko has.
  3. Bepo

    Future Events OP is not ending in 5 years.

    At this point we've gotten quited used to Oda and the editors stating that the series will end within 5 years. One common misapprehension is that it isn't specified from what point onwards this supposed countdown would commence. Would OP end in 5 years after Wano has been completed? Well then it...
  4. Bepo

    Questions & Mysteries When do you think Katakuri is going to return into the story?

    Around chapter 979 people were speculating his return given the fact that BM's crew was supposed to come to the raid. Imagine if he was present at the raid though. I don't see it happening at this point anymore but I do strongly feel like Katakuri will make a reappearance at some point in the...
  5. Bepo

    Character Discussion I don't like Yamato

    In my eyes, Yamato is arguably one of the most uninspiring characters that Oda has come up with thus far. I will give reasons as to why I feel this way so if you disagree with me bring valid arguments to the table. 1. Yamato's design. Females in OP usually follow the same pattern in terms of...
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    Questions & Mysteries A problem that I have with JJK (so far)

    This might be a very unpopular opinion considering the succes JJK currently has but atleast hear me out on this. I am currently on episode 9 and the biggest issue that I have with this series is that there is so little ''substance'' behind everything that is happening, allow me to explain this...
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    General & Others What's your favourite volume cover?

    Mine is the one from volume 96.
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    Add a bookmark feature.

    It would be nice to bookmark a post/thread that you find usefull or interesting.
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    Questions & Mysteries Question regarding army numbers

    This is something that has been on my mind quite a lot. Throughout this series we've seen Generals lead armies in which the numbers strongly varied at times. For example, during the coalition war we can see Tou leading an army of 5K holding down RinBunKun, but then in the same arc we see that...
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    Questions & Mysteries Imagine if you could ask Oda one question

    I'd ask him about the origins of the Florian Triangle monsters.
  11. Bepo

    General & Others Underrated OP fights

    I'll start with one of my personal favourites: Luffy vs Cracker. When people think of the WCI arc everyone usually mentions the Luffy vs Katakuri fight but this one felt really good too.
  12. Bepo


    I'm a huge fan of anime & manga, mainly; -OP -Kingdom -Kimetsu No Yaiba -Vinland Saga -Jujutsu Kaisen -The Promised Neverland -Mob Psycho 100 And many many more :sanmoji: