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  1. Gauntlet

    Speculations Apoo V.S. X-Drake: Uninterrupted

    I was having a look at the most recent chapter and noticed that Apoo was preparing a big attack with his left tonfa while blocking Drake with his right tonfa. Zoro comes in and breaks the attack with his own and ultimately KOs Apoo. If Zoro didn't interrupt Apoo, how differently would things...
  2. Gauntlet

    Chapter Discussion Zoro: "I am here to slay Kaido"

    So Kaido will be horrified after figuring out Zoro has a mortal wound and comes at an epiphany that things would of been dire for him if Zoro was in top form? Sounds like a win to me.
  3. Gauntlet


    Sup everyone. I've been lurking for a day and decided to join the forums to join the conversation that be going on. Hope to be great acquaintances in the future.