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  1. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events How do you think Zoro vs King will happen?

    No @Cinera thread this time. This one is courtesy of me, although Cinera did inspire the question. If Zoro vs King happens, how and why do you think it happens? I think any answer needs to consider the following factors: Marco and Zoro’s motivations so far. Marco’s role if he leaves King to...
  2. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events Will Luffy’s fight with Kaido be a pure 1v1?

    I want to gauge everyone’s opinion on whether or not the next round of Luffy vs Kaido is a pure 1v1. I think there are a few good reasons to think it won’t be. 1.) Zoro’s unresolved threads with Kaido. 2.) The potential of a tag team with Yamato ala Law. 3.) Kidd & Law’s 2v1 against Big Mom...
  3. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events Contra Zoro vs King

    Courtesy of @Cinera Contra Zoro vs King Disclaimer As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction It seems to be taken for granted by the majority of the fanbase that Zoro will fight...
  4. Dr_Professor83

    Powers & Abilities Did 1016 Confirm Yamato as a Conqueror?

    Courtesy of @Cinera Did 1016 Confirm Yamato as a Conqueror? Introduction I think there's very low chances that it's anything other than a Haoshoku clash. Like so low that I don't think it's is a position that's worth entertaining. Kaido's Usage of Advanced Haoshoku SFX Before Oda cuts to...
  5. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events Zoro's Unfinished Business With Kaido

    Courtesy of @Cinera Zoro's Unfinished Business With Kaido Disclaimer As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction An appreciable fraction of the fanbase has been persistent that...
  6. Dr_Professor83

    Character Discussion Ace and Yamato

    Courtesy of Cinera. Introduction Yamato's meeting with Ace four years ago has been the most significant event in the last decade of her life. It left a profound impact on her, and even in the course of her entire 28 years, it's probably second only to witnessing Kozuki Oden's execution. I'd...
  7. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events Who is Ryokugyu's Future Opponent?

    Courtesy of Cinera: Who is Ryokugyu's Future Opponent? Introduction Assuming that he will be defeated in future, I'm curious who Ryokugyu's opponent from the Strawhat Pirates will be. As I see it, there are two main options: Sanji Yamato I will cover the cases for them below. The Case...
  8. Dr_Professor83

    Speculations Potential Strawhat CoC Users

    Warning: Long Ever since Zoro was revealed to have CoC there has been a fierce debate on who has CoC, who might get CoC, and who should get CoC. Particularly among the SHs but it’s even bled into other characters by way of proxy such as with King & Queen. I’m going to lay out all of the reasons...
  9. Dr_Professor83

    Future Events King & Queen

    Okay so there’s obviously been plenty of talk about King & Queen lately. I’m going to try to lay out why I think they’ve clearly been shown as pair and what I think it ultimately means (spoiler Zoro v King). I know some Zoro fans have been resistant but I’m starting to see many of them come...
  10. Dr_Professor83

    Speculations Chelov’s Guns (Hawkins & Caribou)

    When and how will the guns that are Caribou & Hawkin’s card go off?
  11. Dr_Professor83

    Speculations Monster Trio Matchups

    The stage looks set now for Luffy v Kaido, Zoro v King, Sanji v Queen. At this point Luffy v Kaido needs no explaining. They are the only two left standing on that roof. Marco has held off King & Queen. He’s likely going to get overwhelmed soon. His last act will be healing Zoro as much as...