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    Speculations How Wano will end

    All Tobi Robbo will get back up for the second time and get defeated again then they will get back up for one final time then get defeated again, then Big Meme will encounter yet another hunger pain, which in turn will help out the straw hats in defeating Kaido. Then Big Meme's crew will finally...
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    Character Discussion Tama is a completely pointless filler plot device character

    Oda hyped up the grifters since Punk Hazard and introduced a single character to serve as the main plot device to counter these fodders. And yet Kaido and Luffy still have not used their conquerors Haki in order to eliminate all the fodders which makes the whole Tama plot line pointless since...
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    General & Others Oda and his editors aren't even doing the most basic proofreading

    Who's Who: I hate everything about Luffy, his fruit, and his stupid hat! My grudge runs deep! Chapter 981 Who's Who: Luffy? Who is that? Ah, Udon's escapee, leave that to the rat catchers. Yep oda totally thought of this gum gum plotline from the very start and didn't make it up recently...
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    General & Others The readers very low expectations (manga)

    The current chapter had a rating of either 4/5 or 5/5 among over 75% of readers even though the chapter was literally 9 pages of fodder, two page of stupid ass pull medicine for Zoro, and then five pages of dialogue, after 25 years of writing, about Luffy's devil fruit. Most of the readers here...
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    General & Others Wano isn't ending until late 2023 - early 2024 (manga)

    It took 8 months just to defeat Katakuri. A single character took 8 months. Now we all know Zoans have "insane durability" which means when Kaido gets defeated he is just going to get back up. Same goes with Queen and King. Unless Oda wants to retcon Zoan's devil fruit then there is no way this...
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    General & Others Itachi’s story line is still the best story line I have ever read

    The Itachi plot line foreshadowing, execution, characterization is still the best written work that I have read in any work of fiction. I remember when I first read it, I wasn’t in any forums thank god, and I had no idea the foreshadowing that took place. But once Tobi narrated the actual...
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    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    Apoo made Luffy white eyed and needed Zoro to carry him. Imagine Katakuri, King, Queen, Kaido, etc getting white eyed and needing someone to carry them by a basic attack by Apoo? And yet we expect to get hyped by Luffy one liners saying, "I am definitely going to beat Kaido". Then we have Tama...
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    General & Others A baby that was born when Wano started will start kindergarten before Wano ends

    One piece pacing makes no sense. No author needs more time to write a SINGLE arc than the time it takes a baby from learning their firsts words to being able to do basic arithmetic especially when there were THREE separate arcs that served as set up. Vast majority of One Piece readers are males...
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    General & Others Crocodile defeating Luffy twice is NOT the same as Kaido defeating Luffy three times.

    I am seeing a lot of arguments where people use Croc vs Luffy fight to justify Kaido beating Luffy three times even though both are completely different. First time Luffy gets defeated by Croc, he was sent into a sand trap but Robin who wasn't a crew member at the time, thus Oda needing to set...
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    General & Others Oda loves to recycle

    Let me guess, Luffy will eat meat, regain his energy and goes back to save Yamato at the last second so that Oda can satify his weird obsession of stroking off to Luffy. Going to be another cringe “hero” moment of Luffy for the hundredth time this arc. Just cut, paste and repeat with Oda.
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    General & Others Oda is the king of false hype and recycled events running in circles

    Oda needs to retire becaue the quality of his writing is obviously getting worse and worse. Wano has been nothing short of false hype. Countless subplots that have yet to be answered and yet here goes Oda continuing to add more subplots to the story without even addressing any of the past...
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    General & Others Wano just keeps getting worse and worse

    Apparently everyone is an ancient Zoan, even Tama is able to tank Ulti's attack and get up as if nothing happened. Oda continues to run around in circles. People just running around doing absolutely nothing. Nami running, Usopp running, Momo running, Yamato for god knows how long has just been...
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    General & Others Poll, rate Wano so far

    Similar thread was up but had no poll so I added it here.
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    What is your age group and gender (poll) ?

    I am interested to know the age and gender group that reads One Piece so please vote in the polls that best describes you.
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    General & Others Need all the time you can think of when Oda's editor contradicted him.

    We have seen the editors throughout the years contradicting Oda for example when the editor said WCI was about to finish soon but then Oda decided to drag it out more which lasted an extra year or so. Or when the editor said last year that One Piece will end in "five years" and then Oda said...
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    General & Others Oda's analytic team maybe why there are so many Luffy hero moments even at the expense of another characters development?

    Luffy is getting really insufferable. Oda continues with these cringe forced Luffy moments that are so bad, whether it was in Udon when Luffy purposely infected himself, when Luffy comes in to "save" Rebecca from Viola when Doflamingo was controlling her, or when Luffy went to save Sanji in WCI...
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    General & Others The true meaning of One Piece will not be worth the hype

    1000+ chapters and 24 years later and we know as much about the one piece, will of d, void century, etc as we did in chapter 1. The big reveal in Oden flashback was of the name of the One Piece island being Laugh Tale and everyone was hyped and yet I was sitting and reading and wondered after 24...
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    General & Others What have we learned in Wano thus far that justifies three years of it?

    Wano started in 2018, we are now in 2021 and I am pretty sure most of us agree that Wano isn't going to end in at least two more years since there is absolutely no way Kaido and all of his subordinates are going to get defeated this year. So Wano has been going on for three years now and I...