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  1. The White Crane

    Manga Discussion Kaiju No. 8

    I read somewhere that the character design for this anime is done by the same dude who designed Naruto anime, so it never was gonna 100% suck. I am hyped to see Kaiju Kafka in action.
  2. The White Crane

    Manga Discussion Kaiju No. 8

    Agreed. All the action scenes delivered and Kafka's Kaiju design looks good.
  3. The White Crane

    Break Week What sort of "great betrayal" Mihawk could have experienced and why does he and Crocodile "don't trust anyone"

    What if Mihawk used to be a bounty hunter who hunted other swordsmen pirates. Naturally, he relied on the info provided by the Marines' bounties to make a living. One time, a Marine Captain approached him for a bounty, which he accepted. It turned out that the Marine Captain was corrupt and the...
  4. The White Crane

    General & Others Which Arc had the best week to week experience? Dressrosa, WCI, or Wano?

    Wano is by far the worst. Dressrosa was a bore. WCI is slightly more tolerable than either one because of Katakuri.
  5. The White Crane

    General & Others Wano had very few abandoned plot points

    This is gonna be the worst cover story in the series just like Wano became the worst arc in the series. Two covers and this cover story has completely lost my interest. :suresure:
  6. The White Crane

    Best powerscalers

    Thanks. :myman:
  7. The White Crane

    What Dragon Ball Saga Does EOS Ichigo Stop At?

    Either Saiyan saga or Namek saga.
  8. The White Crane

    Break Week Blackbeard's crew are NOT rocks' successors, STRAWHATS ARE

  9. The White Crane

    21st Tournament Fighters vs KAIDOU

    Roshi alone is enough. Team is an overkill.
  10. The White Crane

    Episode Discussion One Piece Episode 1100 - Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci!

    Base Lucci = Hybrid Kaido confirmed. :risitameh: @ThunderSupernova @nik87 @HA001 @Lor D. Coast @Orojackson Refugee
  11. The White Crane

    Character Discussion Who fell off the most after the timeskip Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji?

    The Cook and it ain't close. What Lolda did (continues to do) to him is a travesty. Luffy as well, but the Cook is a worse example.
  12. The White Crane

    Powers & Abilities Sanji will defeat a Gorosei by incinerating them

    :saitahu: Goat, you think Luffy's crew will beat the Gorosei? After what happened in Wano? :nicagesmile: 1712458127 :quest:
  13. The White Crane

    Versus Battle Godzilla (Legendary) Vs One Piece Verse

    That ought to be the final boss of Monsterverse, and beating him should require more than one film.
  14. The White Crane

    One or Two Anime Recommendation

    Since it appears that you do not shy away from heavier or darker works, I'd recommend: 1. Steins;Gate 2. Ghost in the Shell (1995 film) 3. Noir