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  1. playa4321

    Rules BLEACH's stage at AnimeJapan 2020!!

    Hello Bleach community, as many user already hear and read it, we will get in the AnimeJapan a only Bleach stage where we will get a new information(still unknown but many people think about a continue of the Bleach anime). Right now I read a new tweet where Rukia Kuchiki's Voice Actress will be...
  2. playa4321

    News One piece Live action series!!

    News from One Piece Live Action series!!! First season will have 10 episodes and Netflix will participate. Source: Redon mangahelpers.
  3. playa4321

    Questions & Mysteries Smile Users of Kaido: What is the difference between these Smile users?

    Hello community, again a new topic of me and a new question. I reread the Zou arc and also read the chapters of Wano again, then I noticed something(I did it already in past but forget to make a thread about it). We see multiple Smile users in Wano under Kaido crew, all of them eating the fake...
  4. playa4321

    Speculations Was Oden already been poisoned in Chapter 967?

    Hello community, the theory about Oden getting poisoned by Orochi was already stand for the last weeks. People think Oden was poisoned and lose his battle against Kaido in weak states. In the current chapter the Roger pirates visit Wano and let Toki and the childrens stand their. Strangely after...
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    One Piece Chapter 967 Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Prediction thread for Chapter 967!! Here the rules from Bogard:
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    Current Events Capone New Bounty

    In the recent chapter, Capone get a new bounty and it change from 300mio to either 850.000.000m which make Capone equal to the one of Cracker bountywise!! So with this we have a another Supernova who has a huge bounty alongside with Luffy. @dirtyLarry , @Buusatan94 , @Inspector_Mu , @Kejon...
  7. playa4321

    One Piece Chapter 966 Prediction/Discussion Thread

    Prediction thread for Chapter 966!! Here the rules from Bogard:
  8. playa4321

    Speculations How would Oden have impacted Marineford?

    Find this interest thread in NF and want to post it here aswell. Your guys opinion, would Ace and Whitebeard get still get killed, if Prime Oden would help them out?
  9. playa4321

    One Piece Chapter 965 Prediction/Discussion Thread (break next week)

    Hello WorstGen community, since last days I remember someone ask for a similar Prediciton Discussion Thread as we did have in OJ, I Open this thread now for Chapter 965 where you guys can post your prediction for the next chapter. Prizewise we should ask @Bogard if the three most according...
  10. playa4321

    Versus Battle High School DxD verse vs Naruto

    Naruto(Hokage version) vs High School Dxd verse(Issei and all the other characters!!! Speed is unequal Everyone beeing in bloodlust Place is Konoha Naruto starts off with 100m against the DxD verse Bonus round 1: If Naruto isn't enough then Sasuke joining him. Bonus round 2: If Naruto and...
  11. playa4321

    Versus Battle Katakuri + Escanor + Vasco vs Fairy Tail Guild

    As you can read from this titel, Katakuri(One Piece), Escanor( Nanatsu no Taizai) and Vasco( High school dxd) making a group and attacking Fairy tail guild(all members are their). RULES: - Current versions - Everyone starts in base - In character - Distance 50m - Location: Fairy Tail Guild...
  12. playa4321

    News Anime version of the Shokugeki no Sanji One-Shot(?).

    From Yonkouproduction: Anime version with Shokugeki no Sanji would be really amazing, hope they bring it up later.^^
  13. playa4321

    Theory The Final Arc: Ragnarok(From Admiral Ryokugyu)

    I just read right now a tweet of Joyboy who like a theory about the final arc who was writen in opforum and the user(Admiral Ryokugyu) make a very good theory about it which deserve to get writing here aswell(all credit goes to the user who write this theory). Credit: User...
  14. playa4321

    Chapter Discussion Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 38: He´s Bad News

    Boruto - Chapter 38 Titel: He´s Bad News CHAPTER IS OUT ON Please avoid posting one-word/one-liner comments such as "great chapter!" or "awesome, I'll read it later!" and ensure that you contribute to the discussion with your content...
  15. playa4321

    Speculations Bet Thread: Who will gonna win in Fire festival?

    The Fire festival is starting soon!! And everyone who was a part of OroJackson forum know such bet threads with we have in the past multiple times. As example the legendary bet thread about the teaparty, now we have a similar event with a war arc and finally Wanokuni fate get clear soon. Since...
  16. playa4321

    Future Events Will the plan for the Fire Festival work?

    Hello everyone, since we get closer to the day in one piece where the Fire Festival event start, do you think Luffy and his alliance plan will work in the end and Kaido gonna fall. Some people believe that the plan will fail and the alliance will take a very bad lose duo the panel where Hawkins...
  17. playa4321

    News One Piece - Stampede Movie 14

    Movie One Piece Stampede: In this thread you can talk about the movie Stampede, everything who could be a spoiler should write then in spoiler function, pls not forget people don´t watch the movie yet and want to don´t be get spoiled by someone^^ Our movie start is on 24.09.2019 in Germany...
  18. playa4321

    Death Stranding

    Death Stranding Release day: November 8, 2019 Here you can discussion later about Death Stranding.. In my opinion I already hype to play this game, even though P.t was a whole other lvl.^^
  19. playa4321

    One Piece 899 - Defeat is Inevitable! The Strawman's Fierce Attack!

    One Piece - Episode 899 Title: Defeat is Inevitable - The Strawman's Fierce Attack! Compare between Manga and Anime: Here in this thread you can discussion about the current episode of One piece.
  20. playa4321

    Theory Oden - (The Tiger) vs Kaido - (The Dragon)

    Hello everyone, playa4321 here and I wanna talk today about a interesting stuff about Oden and his df power who was hint several times in the manga. As we know Oden was the Shogun in Wano and the strongest Samurai who even defeat Ashura Douji, also Oden was able to hurt the beast Kaido, since...