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  1. DertyDaeary

    General & Others Wano War Is The Worst War I’ve Ever Read in Any Shone!n

    Yonkotards aren't the ones to make Gecko Moriah & Caesar Clown hype up Kaido, Oda did that, he's been doing that since 2006. Yonkotards aren't the ones to make Big Mom come off as an extremely huge threat, Oda did that. Oda is the one being a clown here lmao 1635621861 The part I hate the...
  2. DertyDaeary

    Character Discussion Hawkins is a filler character among the already many in Wano

    If it wasn't obvious enough, Oda is milking the shit out of what's essentially killing him to draw. I honestly forgot that this plot point still existed until now, that's just how underwhelming this long-ass arc is
  3. DertyDaeary

    Character Discussion Sanji not using the raid suit during a damn war is incredibly stupid

    He's literally used it multiple times already... Onigashima is about to be dropped on millions of innocent lives. Refusing to use everything in your power to aid in stopping it because of your stupid principles is nonsensical. Dude is quick to use it to pree on naked girls but not to win a war...
  4. DertyDaeary

    General & Others Wano is objectively the Best Arc of Post Timeskip

    "objectively" Lmao you fucken wish. The only objective thing about this arc is that it's the longest one in the history of this series, like literally the longest when you combine all 3 acts together. Which helps go into why it's actually one of the worst arcs, not just in the post time skip...
  5. DertyDaeary

    Current Events The growth of the Straw Hats is honestly ridiculous.

    You're making it sound like a 13yo can't have both. They don't even need to be in their 50s or around there, just do another put them in their super late 20s or something. I'm sure even a 13 year old would enjoy following a group that look like somewhat adult.
  6. DertyDaeary

    Current Events The growth of the Straw Hats is honestly ridiculous.

    Not even gonna pretend like I wrote this, found it on reddit () and it's something I agree with completely. "I’ll be straight up, the twenty-year prophecy plot device is not a great idea. It has forced Oda to write Fishman Island - Wano which has been about ten years for us, in a month. No...
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    General & Others Kaido greatest army in the world false hype by Oda yet again for the thousandth time

    Remember when Oda used CC to hype up these clowns? One piece forgot how payoff works and it shows
  8. DertyDaeary

    Questions & Mysteries How Big Mom will fall/Oda's recipe for durable people: Weaken internals, KO externally

    Well Oda should have proven that by making Sanji poison the cake. But whatever, I guess Luffy can use that new bs Haki power up he recently got on her
  9. DertyDaeary

    Character Discussion Straw Hats dynamic got better or worst?

    Pre time skip by mile, and it is getting worse, no matter how much Oda tries to salvage in all of his badly written little ways.
  10. DertyDaeary

    Questions & Mysteries Why is Oda doing Sanji dirty

    Because Hirata fucked his wife And so Oda had to lay down the law
  11. DertyDaeary

    General & Others Is Oda the best Japanese writer out there?

    He's not even the best writer in Weekly Shonen Jump
  12. DertyDaeary

    Questions & Mysteries Wano is just one big training arc ''masked'' as a war

    I honestly can't tell if it's worse in this arc or Whole cake Island
  13. DertyDaeary

    General & Others Do you like Kaido´s Hybrid Form?

    It's shit, like c'mon even your fans are doing better than you, check this out It doesn't even need to be as detailed or as epic as this fanart, but it also doesn't need to look like the crap we got blueballed for instead.
  14. DertyDaeary

    Speculations What will Sanji’s final opponent be?

    "Momousagi" Gion, or "Black Cage" Hina, or "Dai-Sanbo" Tsuru Okay jokes aside, it'll probably be Kizaru or Green Bull.
  15. DertyDaeary

    Questions & Mysteries POLL (Why was Sanji's main feat in WCI baking a cake instead of a 1v1 matchup)

    [ Useless cake that make a Yonko faint and helps his crew and others escaped safely. Except for the fact that it didn't actually make her faint lol. She almost destroyed the ship herself He did not train to do both, if he did he would have specified that this is in fact what he did. He...
  16. DertyDaeary

    Questions & Mysteries POLL (Why was Sanji's main feat in WCI baking a cake instead of a 1v1 matchup)

    Last I checked, Sanji was training for 2 years in order to become a better fighter, not a better cook. WCI should have showcased the fruits of his training instead having him bake a useless ass cake that did nothing but make Big Meme an even bigger threat