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  1. RYNO

    Character Discussion Who fell off the most after the timeskip Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji?

    this sounds like bullshit toxic theory that comes from nothing other than authors/writers have done something similar before but why cant it just be this just what he want to write and yeah it sucks the SH suck gets sideline but makeing toxic theory like this is just stupid .
  2. RYNO

    21st Tournament Fighters vs KAIDOU

    Roshi is too slow.:lusnipe:
  3. RYNO

    21st Tournament Fighters vs KAIDOU

    Base kaido destroy the team with ease
  4. RYNO

    Character Discussion Who fell off the most after the timeskip Luffy, Zoro, or Sanji?

    Objectively it's sanji, his perv gag just got way to much, no mr prince moments pre ts, FI ,his performance against vergo and doffy , WCI had his flashback and sister but everything else is annoying or hate, the black maria stuff was stupid and personally the queen fight was disappointing. I...
  5. RYNO

    General & Others Konoha 12 favorite to least favorite

    Shikamaru Rock lee Naruto Shino (I wish he had more time to develop as a character) Hinata Choji Neji Sasuke Kiba Ino Sakura Tenten Wait tenten number 2 um what? Why?
  6. RYNO

    Character Discussion Who’s a Better Character Luffy or Goku?

    Its Luffy it helps when luffy gets into more diverse situations than goku and goku just has bigger iconic moments and it helps luffy is actually on a journey and its not just about training and fighting stronger opponents like goku.
  7. RYNO

    Break Week Damn I just realized toriyama is dead.

    No mangaka would ever answer that kind of question especially with mangaka they respect.
  8. RYNO

    Break Week How old were you when you realized that Oda's "health breaks" were just an excuse to work on the live action

    Your just making yourself look like a gaint asshole, it okay to make theory's about the story but making up shit that oda using the death of his mentor and friend to work on live action make you look like massive douche.
  9. RYNO

    Chapter Discussion Am I just too old for this?

    I think the agenda wars are childish and stupid but you dumbfucks want to keep with it so I don't really care about opinions because how do I know that your angry the story isn't following your agenda.
  10. RYNO

    Chapter Discussion No one deserves to get laughed at after they die

    It feels like this post and the reaction for gear 5 in this chapter is a side effect of agenda brain rote, it's been said that awakenings has a chance effects someones personality and it has been said luffy acts differently in gear 5 pacificly laughing, he transforms he smiles and laughs it...
  11. RYNO

    General & Others Why can't Oda & other shonen mangaka write a great main cast ?

    Why do people just can't be critical of the work? For some reason people need to add fan theorys that attack oda as a person that has no proof behind it, oda is overwhelmed by how much stuff he wants to put in one piece that takes away panel time for character moments for the strawhats it's a...
  12. RYNO

    Character Discussion Vinsmoke Sanji, the official vice-captain of the crew

    Lol saying "official vice captain" when oda has made this
  13. RYNO

    Questions & Mysteries Where is Luffy in Ch.1104?

    Betting everything on caribou.
  14. RYNO

    Versus Battle OG Warlords vs Akatsuki

    Yeah putting Mihawk under a genjutsu while not having charka or a Chakra Network be able to control and to disrupted to get out of the genjutsu, genjutsus have rules that naruto fans want to ignore because it makes their characters impossible to defeat.
  15. RYNO

    Versus Battle OG Warlords vs Akatsuki

    Doffy turning it into strings.
  16. RYNO

    Versus Battle OG Warlords vs Akatsuki

    5 of the the warlords are way faster than any of the Akatsuki. Genjutsu wouldn't work on any of warlords. Jinbei is the counter for kisame junbei most likely use kisames own water jutsu against him. Hancock could easily one hit most of them with her df. The Akatsukis that would be the most...
  17. RYNO

    Powers & Abilities Rubber being a zoan plot is shit

    That's why he had the Properties of rubber and not a body of actual rubber.