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    Thank you so much!!!

    Thank you so much!!!
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    In Japanese KIng says 相応 の 危うさは感じ てる which is pretty much accurate to Viz.
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    It is supposed to be a pun on chicken wings as in the food I think, to preserve the food pun in japanese (curry udon)
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    So it is finally explained why no one is using CoC to take care of the fodder during the war . They will just wake up 5 minutes later...
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    Questions & Mysteries Where are the captains' crews?

    Last time we saw Faust was back in chapter 795 I think.
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    Break Week Queen - The Freedom of Speech advocate!

    For anyone wondering, even in the raw Japanese, Queen uses the phrase "Freedom of speech" or 言論 の 自由, so the Viz iz more correct on this one than the scans.
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    General & Others Why is it a popular saying that Oda didn't plan haki since the beginning ?

    There is also a scene when Luffy fought Crocodile in chapter 199. After Luffy grabs him, he thinks to himself "Could it be... That brat...". But i think that one is a bit far fatched.
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    General & Others Why is it a popular saying that Oda didn't plan haki since the beginning ?

    The term "Haki" was first used by Blackbeard in Jaya. It was also used by Marco when Shanks came to see Whitebeard.
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    Powers & Abilities So...does most of Kaido’s crew not have Haki or something?

    I think the reason why we haven't seen Sasaki and BM use haki is because we were seeing the fight from a non-haki user POV. Jinbe can use haki so he can see when WW uses haki, but Robin and Franky can not. We saw black coating on Ulti when she fought Luffy but not when she fought Nami and Usopp...
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    Current Events This is becoming too bullshit writing at this point

    I recommend some of you to watch this video.
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    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    Katakuri doesn't need to know how the attack works to now that he would blow up. Luffy saw the future too but because he isn't a logia or a special paramecia he doesn't have a way to avoid it. The snakeman thing is different. Kata saw the future and avoided the attack but the same attack came...
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    Break Week Oda's terrible sense of basic, fundamental power level writing

    OK, so your initial question was how would Katakuri, King and Queen take the attack. Queen would get white eyes and fall down like a boulder but would get up after a second. King would stay conscious, but would cough up blood and get wobbly feet. Katakuri would see himself exploding in the...
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    One Piece Episode 978 - The Worst Generation Charges in! The Battle of the Stormy Sea

    Law should not be able to use rain with his ability, otherwise he can manipulate the sea water too which is too OP.
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    General & Others 2 Very Important Things regarding about what happen in Chapter 1014

    Don't hold me on this but I think 数十分前 or "Dozens of minutes ago" can also mean "Tens of minutes ago". Might be wrong.
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    What are you currently reading?

    I'm on the last book of The Wheel of Time, there are many similar tropes to those in One Piece. Might make a thread about it when I finish reading. (About the similarities between the two that is.)
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    General & Others Was WCI one of the best arcs of One Piece?

    Here is something to add to the discussion; WCI is not an arc that tries to change Sanji's character, but to preserve it.
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    Future Events Will Nami get her potential romantic interest?

    The thing with Sanji and Pudding is that they are already married's just that Sanji doesn't know it yet. That kiss that Pudding wiped from his memory was the kiss that sealed their vows.
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    So this chapter is pretty much Kaidou's Merienda. I just went to reread chapter 883, and it's very similar. In the beginning Luffy is K.Oed. Then after Kata is exposed he beats the chefs just like Kaidou beat Law and Zoro (with a new type of haki). Then he talks about that new level of haki. And...
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    Questions & Mysteries Is it me or is the Donquixote family more functional crew than Big Mom ‚ Beast and Whitebeard as a crew ?

    Well yes, yes they are (excluding the WBP). But that is because of what holds them together. What holds the Beast pirates together is streinght, if you are weak you have no authority. If Kaido were to lose (which he will) the BP would fall apart. WBP are a family and in a family what matters...