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  1. Longleg Larry

    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1112: " Hard Aspect"

    Kakus' salty is showing :sanmoji:
  2. Longleg Larry

    One Piece Episode 1100 - Powers on a Different Level! Luffy vs. Lucci!

    Everyone: You can't fight him Luffy & Lucci: I'm listening :doffytroll:
  3. Longleg Larry

    Future Events Egghead finale predictions

    I pray Van Augur took the shot on Caribou :beckmoji:
  4. Longleg Larry

    Speculations Who will fight/defeat Garling?

    I'm hoping for Jin-boy. Any ties to slavery would make it more impactful
  5. Longleg Larry

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1111 Spoilers Discussion

    Damn, I dont know where I stand with Lucci. - Respect for the Rock Lee determination - He is a GOOD operative - Makin a plea for his bestest buddy:doffycry: Meanwhile Mars: I love a good corncob gag & the '56' baseball bat :fransuper: Imma dub that move the Gomu Gomu no Line Drive - "He's...
  6. Longleg Larry

    Break Week What is your favorite character of each faction (you can't repeat the answer)

    Strawhats: :sanmoji:/:brootea: Worst generation: :pepapoo: Warlords: :pepehawk: Yonkous: :pepebuggy: Yonkou Commander: :pepecroc: Admirals: Borsalino Gorosei: :sus: Cipher Poll: Wanze Revolutionary army: Karasu Wano's Samurai: Raizo
  7. Longleg Larry

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1110 Spoilers Discussion

    Zolo still gonna need Bus Jinbe to get back :myman:
  8. Longleg Larry

    Questions & Mysteries Which Strawhats will keep sailing post Luffy?

    Just Zolo & Usopp. Usopp cuz he still has adventure in him, Zolo cuz he still can't find his way home
  9. Longleg Larry

    Controversial Who had the most growth?

    Thank you :milaugh: You missed the answer. :kata:
  10. Longleg Larry

    Controversial Who had the most growth?

    Whatever feat Koby can achieve through his Garp training, Luffy would be able to match & 1-up it just on the basis of sharing Garps' blood Then you tac on a God fruit on the already winning side, it's not even close
  11. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion Doffy the Celestial Dragon : Holy Knight or Higher ?

    Honestly, prolly pretty similar. Holy Knights seem to have some (warped) sense of justice. But Doffy's still a maniac I could see his & Garland's ideals conflicting, them fighting, Doffy getting excommunicated & escaping (w/ blackmail info) He wouldn't have String-String powers since Trebol...
  12. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion Which Characters do you stan and why?

    Bart-boy Imma unrepentant fanboy :lunazing:
  13. Longleg Larry

    Powers & Abilities Western vs Eastern Dragon

    Easterns collect knowledge Westerns hoard women/gold West fer me, but only cuz Blue/Red Eyes White/Black Dragons
  14. Longleg Larry

    Character Discussion Nika ruined this manga

    I'm more disappointed we havent seen some Nika combos. Sanji bouncing fireballs, Nami giving him some lightning spears, something. Robin would be way tougher if her limbs were rubber. But there are plenty of smile/laughter styles that fit situations even as dire as Old Man Apple dying.
  15. Longleg Larry

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1109 Spoilers Discussion

    Onigashima sinking like the Titanic hmmmm?:sanmoji: Law'll be down there in his sub soon. It won't go well:doffytroll:
  16. Longleg Larry

    General & Others Why Haven't We Seen Franky w/ a Kuma Haircut Yet

    Me: Still salty he's wearing pants:lusalty: No pose, no nipple lights, now NO KUMA CUT?!:whitepress: Weird since Franky respected him since return to Sabaody Where my SUPER-man this arc
  17. Longleg Larry

    Controversial Oda is killing a lot more these days

    Still haven't gotten over Pell tho :sus:
  18. Longleg Larry

    Controversial Oda is killing a lot more these days

    I don’t think Oda had it in him to kill Pound. He had to see his daughters