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  1. Cherry Hilk

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

    Him laughing didn’t bother me in the slightest. The fact that he’s the freaking second coming of a deity, destined to save the world, that is a freaking actual messiah ruined his character. The fact that eating the Nika Nika was the necessary condition for “being JoyBoy” and NOT his will...
  2. Cherry Hilk

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers Discussion

    Weird that the so called Luffy fans seem interested just in how strong he is, and they’re perfectly fine with the character getting utterly destroyed as long as he gets more powerful, celebrating that gravestone of an once good protagonist called Nika.
  3. Cherry Hilk

    Speculations Imu vs Blackbeard

    We used to have ZKK, now we have TKI (Teach killing Imu) or TOI (Teach overthrowing Imu).
  4. Cherry Hilk

    General & Others With last chapter, can we say Blackbeard is final villain ?

    I love Blackbeard but people are jumping the gun here. We’re just entering the stage where the next main villain is becoming a bigger and bigger threat.
  5. Cherry Hilk

    Character Discussion Thoughts on Saturn's Portrayal so Far?

    Pre-TS villains weren’t that competent either…
  6. Cherry Hilk

    General & Others Do you hate "Talk no jutsu"? General thoughts about it?

    Image being a grown ass man and having your entire worldview shattered by the speech of a 15 year old boy. A villain that can be so easily swayed is a really pathetic one.
  7. Cherry Hilk

    Break Week Is Oda a disappointment post time skip?

    For me it was still pretty good up until the beginning of Wano, then from Act II onwards it got increasingly worse until the suicidal choice of Nika, were he basically fumbled the whole story…
  8. Cherry Hilk

    Chapter Discussion No one deserves to get laughed at after they die

    This thing still gets me hyped just by looking at it. When I see a Nika panel instead…
  9. Cherry Hilk

    Chapter Discussion What if Saturns Power is Time Reversal instead of extreme regen?

    Then Imu, with his obsession about keeping his identity a secret, must be Diavolo.
  10. Cherry Hilk

    Chapter Discussion What if Saturns Power is Time Reversal instead of extreme regen?

    This sounds a bit too much like a Jojo Plagiarism
  11. Cherry Hilk

    Controversial Haki Time

    The Great pirate Marlowe D.Faustus, One of the Four Emperors. Bounty: 4.559.300.000 ( Awakened Doku-Doku user, Three Sword Style + Advanced Conqueror + Basic observation and Armament) Thousand Sunny (a 10 times bigger version due to Dory) Commanders: Akainu YC 1/Vice captain...
  12. Cherry Hilk

    One Piece Episode 1090 - A New Island! Future Island Egghead

    I don’t know why does he even do that. It feels like so unnecessary.
  13. Cherry Hilk

    One Piece Episode 1089 - Entering a New Chapter! Luffy and Sabo's Paths!

    I watched the scene just for the Lulusia scene only and oh my freaking god it was absolute Peak… One of the best adapted scenes in all One Piece.
  14. Cherry Hilk

    General & Others What is your favorite set of new characters introduced in new arc ?

    Sabaody with Supernova + Rayleigh + Celestial Dragons (great lore addition) + Kizaru.
  15. Cherry Hilk

    Speculations One Piece 2024 bingo card

    Here’s mine:
  16. Cherry Hilk

    Current Events Now that the Egghead centric flashback around Kuma is time to rate it!

    Cheesy and overly sentimental, I hate how it tried to make a saint out of Kuma with his story being a constant continuous martyrdom (hell, at times i felt I was reading the “Book of Job”). I would have liked his character and the whole thing to be at least a little bit more nuanced, and the...