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  1. Reborn

    Upside of coronavirus Epidemic

    Amid the circulation of coronavirus epidemic and negative news everywhere, I thought of making a thread on what positives we can take form this situation. Coronavirus has lead to 1) Reduction in pollution (both air and water) 2) reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption 3) healing of...
  2. Reborn

    General & Others Why shanks is trying to maintain Balance of Power?

    We all know that one of the main goal of world government is to maintain Balance of power. To that end, they have created warlord system and even do mass cleansing if circumstances demand. But if we analyze shanks key moments shown so far then we can conclude that he is the only pirate who...
  3. Reborn

    Current Events Blackbeard going for 'That thing'

    Chapter 956 states that Blackbeard desires to go for 'That thing' before navy does. One thing which we can imply from BB statement is both navy and BB desires it and it's very important and it's more like a movable object that he can posses and escape before navy does. But it's one of the Oda...
  4. Reborn

    Powers & Abilities Ryuo Explanation : Color of Armament

    Haki is a power that comes from will power and spirit. In wano, it's called ryuo. There are three types of haki (CoO, CoA and CoC) or one can say haki gives you three types of abilities. As one becomes proficient in any type of haki, ability given by that type of haki will also become advanced...
  5. Reborn

    General & Others Freedom in One Piece

    Freedom has remain a central theme of one piece throughout all arcs with references drawn from our real world. It has become basis of various other themes present in one piece like equality and justice, tolerance towards diversity of culture and opinion, rights of minorities like trans people...
  6. Reborn

    General & Others Your Top 3'S

    Op verse is huge but we all have few characters as favorites and some whom we see as strongest and there are some whom we hate. My list keeps on changing as plot progresses so I will be editing it in future Top 3 Favorite characters 1)Zoro/Luffy(favor Zoro more though) 2)Blackbeard/Mihawk...
  7. Reborn

    Bets regarding Kaido

    I think it's time to place our bets on fate of Kaido especially when many users have different perspectives on how it will happen and what will happen. Case 1- who will defeat kaido? A) Luffy solo Kaido B) Luffy and Kidd tag team Kaido C) Luffy, Kidd and Law tag team Kaido D) Luffy, Zoro...
  8. Reborn

    Daily Confession room

    We all have some tasks to fulfill which remain just on mind making us feel guilty by the end of the day. We all have some emotions buried within us but we don't speak about them. We all have some thoughts running on our mind, but they never find expressions. We all have some goals to pursue...
  9. Reborn

    This forum is true spiritual successor of OJ lol

    Rebornimformer is here guys. Bogard did wonderful work. Thanks man And, everyone let's enjoy this ride till the end