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    General & Others How did Shanks>Mihawk become so popular?

    Why people commenting on this old ass thread 💀
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

    Did Kizaru even say he couldn’t move or was that Redon adding spice?
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1095 Spoilers Discussion

    @Lance_Dragonite does Kizaru directly say he’s unable to move?
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    One Piece Chapter 1080, "The Legendary Hero"

    Now that we know how the cross guild’s bounty system works let me hear some star predictions for some marines
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    Anime & Manga April fools —One Piece Chapter 1045 Spoilers Discussion

    What’s this I’m hearing about zoro returning?
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    One Piece Chapter 1.042 : Winners Shouldn't Need Rationalizations

    What being banned from bda does to a mfer
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    Character Discussion Thoughts on Basil Hawkins

    Great design + Cool power set…just to be the new world’s equivalent of Jaya Bellamy. I hope Oda will give him a character Arc after this loss but let’s be real Oda doesn’t give af about Hawkins unfortunately.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1027 Spoilers Discussion

    Oda moved zoro so his conquerors wouldn’t knock out the entire live floor
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    Character Discussion Edward Weevil

    If Luffy straight up beats Kaido 1v1, it’s very likely weevil is straight up yonko level. I doubt oda put him in the story just to fight Marco. Then again I didn’t think Jack wouldn’t get one shot by inu.
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    One Piece Chapter 1026: Crucial Time

    so oda offscreened Jack have him get back up just to one shot him 😕
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    General & Others What do you possibly think the bounties of the Tobiroppo are?

    Page one:400 mil x drake: 420 mil Black Maria :450 mil ulti: 500 mil sasaki: 540 mil Who’s who:620 mil
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    Future Events Zoro's Unfinished Business With Kaido

    it all ends with zoro beheading him
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    General & Others Favorite Debunked Theories?

    Back in the pre-wci days people(me included) thought bobbins was going to be a fucking monster and be zoro’s opponent when the straw hats and bm pirates eventually fought
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    Character Discussion Straw Hat CoC Trio

    Conqueror trio has a better ring to it then monster anyway
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    Speculations What were the matchups for Garp + Roger Pirates vs Rocks Pirates

    Can I ask your reasoning for big mom and scopper
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    Powers & Abilities Killer’s Probably Going To Get a Power Up To Beat Hawkins

    there is a lot of context you have to look at when analyzing the Hawkins and law encounter in 957. Here we see The straw doll ability at work against law‘s attacks here. With that in mind, Hawkins only had one life on him when law offscreend him in 957, he was lacking his main defensive...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Marco's bounty is below 1.5 B

    I can see that angle with Marco being with wb for a long time but I feel king also has a lot going for him • part of an extremely rare race • right hand of an extremely violent crew •potential impel down connection I get the feeling king is going to flip a switch very soon and get a massive...
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    Sanji fans realized he’s not fighting king so the next best thing is to say queen and king are equal

    Sanji fans realized he’s not fighting king so the next best thing is to say queen and king are equal