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  1. Dark Hound

    General & Others Mihawk is the World's Strongest Man !!

    Credit to @Light D Lamperouge In Stephen Paul's translations Mihawk himself says as the strongest And peep this, Sanji calls Mihawk the strongest man in the world
  2. Dark Hound

    General & Others Wano's pacing is absolutely incredible and smooth

    Gys, we're 60+ chapters in Wano it hasn't felt like it. Do you remember what 60 chapters in WCI felt like ? Felt like a chore, felt extremely dragged and long Wano is going extremely smoothy (smoothie hehe), the flashback is incredible and nobody thought we would Roger's iconic reaction to he...
  3. Dark Hound

    Current Events Momonosuke and Kinemon... honorary members

    When I think about Kid Shanks, Kid Teach, Izo, Toki, Neko and Inu and of course Oden (also poached by Roger)in the recent chapters... It teminds me a lot about Momo and Kinemon, the most overlooked characters, they've been following along with the SHs and us since Punk Hazard ! I don't even...
  4. Dark Hound

    General & Others Why didn't Rayleigh teach advanced COA to Luffy?

    Now I understand for FS as it blooms during fights it couldn't have bloom in simple beast training or obstacle avoiding etc But Adv.CoA literally needed just risky situations and training in Udon... He could have definitely try to learn it in Rukushaina Island and try it against Hody... Do you...
  5. Dark Hound

    General & Others What would you do in the One Piece World ?

    If you were in the world of One Piece, what would you like to do ? Be a swordsman or a brawler ? Or maybe a peaceful guy ? Would you eat a df ? Would you be a pirate or a marine ? Personally I would never eat a Devil Fruit in a world with 90% sea it's STUPID ! I would be stronger with my own...
  6. Dark Hound

    Hey it's Cat Burglar !

    You may know me from OroJackson as "The Cat Burglar" Never really liked that username lmao, so I changed into a cooler one but still related to a pet lol I hope this forum will stay until One Piece end ! Great forum