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  1. Finalbeta

    Fanclub The Church of Daisy

    Welcome fellow guests, To the most prominent and encompassing appreciation thread for the Sci-Fi GOAT actress Daisy Ridley. Whomever loves her as well is warmly welcomed! "I bypassed the compressor!" "So you did with my heart, hacking it for good." :catpole: Members: Finalbeta Zoro D Goat
  2. Finalbeta

    [FNZ] Role Madness Game 02: The Ascent of the Space Pirates

    Host: @Finalbeta Coach: @AL sama Alive Players: @TheAncientCenturion @Law @Kiwipom @Reborn Dead Players: @Fujishiro @Rej @NeutralWatcher @Zoro D Goat @Celestia @Denim Write Ups: Day 1 lynch scene Night 1 results Day 2 lynch scene Night 2 results Day 3 lynch scene Night 3 results Game Style &...
  3. Finalbeta

    Sign-up Game 02 : The Ascent of the Space Pirates

    Host: @Finalbeta Coach: @AL sama Game Theme: The Ascent of the Space Pirates Game Type: Role Madness 10 players are required to start this game. Game will start as soon as the list will be filled. You can type In in order to sign yourself up. Players list: 1. @Rej 2. @Fujishiro 3...
  4. Finalbeta

    WWE discussion thread

    You all shall praise the elegance and stateliness of King Corbin in here
  5. Finalbeta

    Tell something the previous user doesn't know about you

    I crafted this game up right now and all of a sudden. Basically you tell to the previous user something you believe he/she doesn't know about you.
  6. Finalbeta

    Favourite Quirk

    What's your favourite Quirk in the whole series? Why do you like it so much? If you could make a quirk yourself, how would it be like? :madmonk:
  7. Finalbeta

    Favourite Dragon Ball character

    Who's your pick and why? Personally it's Vegeta. He's the most prominent Saiyan and the most badass in the series in my opinion. My favorite female character is Android 21 from FighterZ saga. I loved every aspect of her.
  8. Finalbeta

    SSB Vegito (vs. Zamasu) vs. Jiren

    How do you see this match up? Who do you think would come out on top? Personally I believe Jiren might have been indeed stronger than that version of Vegito who was overpowering Fusion Zamasu albeit it was however immortal.
  9. Finalbeta

    The Beta is here

    I hope to keep enjoying the OP discussions with you guys. It's nice to still be part of the huge ship which this family is.