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  1. Cinera

    Versus Battle Jiraiya vs MS Obito

    Location: Konan vs Obito Distance: 15 m. Mindset: Intent to kill. Knowledge: as would be expected from the manga, so Obito would know a lot more about Jiraiya, while Jiraiya would know very little about his abilities beyond what can be inferred from the Sharingan. Jiraiya and MS Obito are both...
  2. Cinera

    Versus Battle Jiraiya vs Kisame

    Location: Turtle island. Distance: 15 m. Knowledge: Reputation. Restrictions: Frog Song. The above image suggests that Kisame considered Jiraiya on another level entirely from him. To be honest, there's not really good counters to this. From a portrayal standpoint, Jiraiya has the decisive...
  3. Cinera

    Be Nice to the Person Above You

    Title says it all. Give a compliment or say something nice to or about the poster directly above you. The aim is to spread positive sentiment, but you shouldn't feel the need to lie or fabricate. If you have nothing nice to say about the poster preceeding you then don't reply and wait for...
  4. Cinera

    Hurt and Heal (Discussion Thread)

    This is a discussion thread for Hurt and Heal. I would add game links here. I probably would ghost sometime in the future, so a mod can feel free to edit this post as needed.
  5. Cinera

    Versus Battle Kumagawa Misogi vs Ywach

    Knowledge: None. Mindset: Bloodlusted. Vs battles profile of Kumagawa. OBD profile of Kumagawa. Who wins?
  6. Cinera

    Relationship advice

    I wish I had someone to do that to me. 😢
  7. Cinera

    Versus Battle Edo Itachi vs 3 Sannin

    Location: Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Naruto vs Orochimaru and Kabuto Knowledge: Manga Mindset: Intent to Kill Restrictions: Izanami/Izanagi Conditions: Sannin have access to sealing tags (I don't think they need them with Orochi and Jiraiya's skill in Fuinjutsu). Scenarios: Orochi cannot use the Edo...
  8. Cinera

    One Piece Chapter 960: Kozuki Oden Takes the Stage

    One Piece - Chapter 960 Title: Kozuki Oden Takes the Stage CHAPTER IS OUT ON Jaimini'sBox Please avoid posting one-word/one-liner comments such as "great chapter!" or "awesome, I'll read it later!" and ensure that you contribute to the discussion with your content! Thanks for being a part...
  9. Cinera

    Hiruzen vs Itachi

    Location: Where Naruto and Bee fought Itachi and Nagato Distance: 15m. Mindset: Intent to kill. Knowledge: Manga, what we can reasonably expect them to infer about the other's abilities. Round 1: Edo Hiruzen vs Edo Itachi. Round 2: Prime Hiruzen vs Edo Itachi (Hiruzen loses knowledge in this...
  10. Cinera

    Edo Nagato and Edo Itachi vs 5 Kage

    Location: Where the 5 Kage fought Madara. Distance: Same as 5 Kage vs Madara. Mindset: Intent to kill. Knowledge: Manga/Reputation. Itachi's abilities are probably well documented, and this is post Pain fight so they have decent knowledge on Nagato as well. Conditions: Nagato and Itachi have...
  11. Cinera

    Versus Battle Obito vs Itachi and EMS Sasuke

    Mindset: Intent to Kill. Knowledge: Manga. Scenario 1: MS Obito and healthy Itachi. Scenario 2: Rinnegan Obito (non Jinchuuriki) and Edo Itachi. I don't know how this goes, I'm not really that strong on Naruto powerscaling.
  12. Cinera

    Discord Servers

    As far as I'm aware, there are two main public Discord Servers associated with this forum. The "worstgen-forum" server (official), and the ThirstyGen server (unofficial). worstgen-forum. ThirstyGen. The ThirstyGen server appears to be more active. For those who are unaware, Discord is a VOIP...
  13. Cinera


    I was "Cinera" on OJ. Before that, some folks here may know me as "S1R_L". I've had many other dupes, but none long enough that you're likely to identify me with one of the others. I'm a Zoro, Mihawk and Doflamingo fan.