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  1. Noctis

    Game 01: Generic Mafia [Game Thread]

    Greetings everyone! Welcome to Generic Mafia. Things to know: Open Setup - An Open Setup is one wherein the exact role distribution in the game is known. Closed Communication - Once this game has started, players will not be allowed to discuss it outside of the game thread. Day Start - This...
  2. Noctis

    30 Days Game Challenge

    You've probably heard of a 30 day challenge before on tumblr and such, but, I'd thought it'd be fun to put it on here! To those who aren't familiar, each day you answer a question that correlates with the day - for 30 days. So basically, the challenge is to try and keep this up for 30 days, in...
  3. Noctis

    Join The DarkSide

    If someone came to you in your most depressed moment when someone killed someone you love and you want revenge but you cant revenge because your weak and told you to give you all the power you want if you joined the dark side but for one condition is to use the power to kill your loved one for...
  4. Noctis

    Game 01: Generic Mafia

    Rules: I expect each player to post at least 5 times. 1st offense will lead you to lose your vote power the next day phase. 2nd offense, you will be subbed or mod-kill. Day phases will last 24 hours, night phases will last 12 hours. 36-hour cycle. When voting, make sure to have it as Vote...
  5. Noctis

    Why do you feel curious about the person above you?

    Just a simple question game. Simply post something you feel curious about the above member, If needed, the person being asked can answer the question. (But make sure to stay on-topic).
  6. Noctis

    If you lived in a eternal Nothingness what would u do...

    If you lived in an eternal nothingness and yes u can't kill your self and u can't sleep what will u doo and u stay alive forever If it was me Idk I will set in the corner and think deeply forever lol.
  7. Noctis

    Anime & Manga If you guys was in Light yagami position how would you...

    If you guys in Light yagami position how would you beat L would kill L the same way Kira did or will you give up or would you have different plan give me your thought ideas and btw you don't know L name xd you exactly as Kira position
  8. Noctis

    How vindictive are you?

    So, when someone has hurt us, we instinctively want to hurt them back. It stems from a primitive need for self-defense. People try to fulfill this urge in different ways however, or not at all. Do you bottle up your anger and give the person who’s hurt you the cold shoulder? Or do you hurl a...
  9. Noctis

    Favorite Food

    I am sure we have favorites, and I am sure there is stuff people would love to try. So, let's have at it, what is some of your favorite foods and what would you like to try?
  10. Noctis

    Internet Addiction

    Do you feel that you personally suffer from internet addiction? If so, what have you done to combat your addiction and control your urges?
  11. Noctis

    Share Your Favourite Electronic Music

    A place to share, learn and talk about anything electronic music
  12. Noctis

    The 30 Day Song Challenge

    I found this in Google an image that shows a calendar of 30 days and each day corresponds to the theme of any song that goes through your mind and it is about something that many of us are passionate about: Music. Day 1. A song you like with a color in the title Day 2. A song you like with a...
  13. Noctis

    Facts about the poster above you

    Why give opinions when you can state facts? Go.
  14. Noctis

    [Drama] Daily life dramas

    Tell me your daily life dramas. It can be from walking on a Lego to half dying while taking a selfie. And I want details. After I finished with my course classes yesterday I went home, so when I reached home my high school friend said he wanted to stop by and hang out for a few hours. I...
  15. Noctis

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    As the title says Here you post what game you playing right now I am currently playing Need for speed most wanted again but this time with conviction of beating all wanted cars and getting the rank one lol
  16. Noctis

    General Video Game Discussion

    Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything general about video games that doesn't really require its own thread...stuff such as your first console, your recent purchase(s), which genre you like/hate, the good old classics, etc.
  17. Noctis

    Japanese Song You Like

    What are some Japanese songs you guys like... share with us here
  18. Noctis

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Let us know what are you listening to! Post a video of the song via YouTube or mention the songs name (if it cannot be found on YouTube). Currently listening to this song, and it's too great. Something is just really touching about this song