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  1. ankama

    Powers & Abilities Should Jimbei have Conquerors Haki?

    Yes, not a single fishman in the entire manga has no CoC. And as the strongest fishman, he had to have it. But due to the fact that he constantly changed the people he served (WG, Whitebeard, Big Mom, Luffy) and since he has no convictions and betrayed the oath, he did not deserve the CoC.
  2. ankama

    Character Discussion Katakuri is more a Marco/King or a Yamato/Ace ?

    Urouge 47, a 1 year younger then Katakuri. 2 years earlier he can't beat 1 PX, now he defeating Sweet Commander. Garp was 48, when he trained to become stronger and beat Chinjao(also 48). Crocodile and Jinbei 46, and they become a lot of stronger then they was is Shichibukai period. T-bone was...
  3. ankama

    One Piece Episode 1062 - Supreme Ruler of the Three Sword Style! Zoro vs. King

    I think that Oda made a mistake here. Katakuri has a Mochi body, so this type of attack should not cause damage to him, as happens with Luffy's rubber body, only he has a more viscous body, which has been demonstrated more than once. Mochi has weaknesses. Water - loses its stickiness (as...
  4. ankama

    Powers & Abilities How on earth are the rest of the Straw Hats gonna learn Haki?

    Yes, it's stupid. The problem is that as they get stronger(any charachter), they have to awaken Haki one way or another(If the development of strength is not completely focused on the strength of the DF), because it is dictated by the very balance of One Piece's world. Koby after training in the...
  5. ankama

    Chapter Discussion "Damn it's impossible to fight here!"

    Rayleigh forced Kizaru into melee combat by removing the ability to spam the lasers, and Kizaru took the fight with no problem and held back Rayleigh. Fujitora and Aramaki cannot defeat(or dominate) Morley and Karasu without all the power of their DF. Perhaps the new admirals are just slightly...
  6. ankama

    Powers & Abilities Oda's mention of Sanji in the latest SBS.

    His fire is either related to his mother, or more likely to Zeff. His Germa power is invisibility. Each member has his own epithet that characterizes his strength, the direction of Germa's ability. Stealth Black, ability - invisibility, hair color - black. Sanji used the raid suit 3 times, and...
  7. ankama

    Current Events Kuma backstory is irrelevant

    Nothing odd. I lost interest in the story of OP itself (to the main part of SH's adventures). Scrolling through the spoilers just to stay up to date and see the unraveling of mysteries that I've been waiting for 15+ years. Was disappointed with the revelation of the Devil Fruit mystery and...
  8. ankama

    Current Events Kuma backstory is irrelevant

    Well, yes, he's actually one of those characters whose story I'd like to see. 1676066193 But, same time, I agree with that too. The main story is no longer particularly interesting to me, not to mention the story of Kuma.
  9. ankama

    Le Fishe Thread Caesar is equal to Queen

    Caesar's age was initially listed as 40 in Vivre Card - One Piece Visual Dictionary, but was later revised to 55. This brings him much closer in age to his colleagues within MADS and now he looks like equal to them, not an apprentice of Vegapunk. Oda changet things to fit the current story...
  10. ankama

    Questions & Mysteries Can S-Hawk use Haki? And could BB's CoA the best?

    I agree that physical strength can bypass Haki, but only if it's just Hardening, since the attack, whether it's a punch or a cut, is in direct contact with the body. There are many examples in the manga. But in the case of Adv. CoA, it all looks stupid and illogical, because the attack does not...
  11. ankama

    Speculations The first FS user in the story is...

    This is the sound of a heartbeat, if I'm not mistaken. Usopp had the same thing in DR arc. Clears the mind, focuses on the goal, because everything else calms down and the heartbeat becomes audible. Observation can be used when the character is calm and focused. Everything seems to be correct...
  12. ankama

    Powers & Abilities Zoro's sword skills didn't change much since his debut

    I'll give you an example on the FishMan Karate Jinbe deflected Hodies water shot with his own. Despite enormous strength, Hodies FishMan Karate was at a novice level. That is why Jinbe could easily deflect it. Because he has better skill in FMK then Hodi, who uses only the power gained from...
  13. ankama

    Speculations Yamato did not have Sea Stone cuffs on

    Isn't it always was obvious? It is said that she has been wearing these cuffs for 20 years, but she does not seem to have her DF yet in the flashback, but there is a CoC with which she knocked out Kaido's pirates, and she was wearing just these cuffs, which she has been wearing until now...
  14. ankama

    Break Week Killer vs Hawkins was bad

    Completely. There, Law has not even one, but several opportunities to resist Hawkins at once. In fact, his power can neutralize Hawkins or dolls without harming his people, as in the first fight in Wano.
  15. ankama

    Speculations How's Oda 3 favourite Panels foreshadowed Luffy being Joyboy and Luffys Special Resin Fruit.

    The resin is also used for Coating ships, allowing them to submerse to incredible depths and move freely under water. This process is necessary for ships attempting to go to FMI. What if he can reproduce the effect of the coating at any time, then won't he get immunity to the main weakness of DF...
  16. ankama

    The baiting Room

    1. BM became much bigger after she ate 1 year of life. 2. Oda constantly changes the size and scale depending on the need of the plot. The same Enma is a vivid example of this. 3. Oda specifically spent one panel to show the consequences of Law's attack in chapter 1040 (that frame with...
  17. ankama

    The baiting Room

    "I am saying the dome room aint the hole that Law done inside Onigashima(? maybe you meant Wano?)" no, you said "nothing special but the law super island feat is a joke" dome room aint the hole that Law done inside Wano was obvious since 1040, but it isn't meant that is not island level feat...
  18. ankama

    The baiting Room

    Yeah, dome room and island hole have same size.:seriously: And this is only the width of the attack, but the length of the attack is something.
  19. ankama

    Questions & Mysteries Opponents defeated by the STRONGEST MAN in the world and the sum of their rewards are about to exceed 10 billion at worst.

    "CARROT and WANDA who nearly beat PEROSPERO" "KINEMON, for example, is not someone who gets a NEG DIFF, see, even if DOFLAMINGO caught him off guard and hit him full on, KINEMON was completely fine" Perospero twice got off guard with Carrot and Wanda attack then with Neko attack, but it was he...