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    Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 1064 "Egghead's Research Stratum"

    Soooo, why is Sanji the only one with weird clothes? :sanmoji:
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    One Piece Chapter 1062: Adventure in the land of science

    So, whos the one that Vegapunk is interested in? For me its either Sanji or Luffy for his gear 5.
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    One Piece Chapter 1058 "New Emperor"

    Holy fuck Agenda Piece is insane today lmao
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    One Piece Chapter 1055 : New Age

    Is this UTA? :sus::sus::sus:
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    One Piece Chapter 1055 : New Age

    That panel of the monster trio sitting around goes hard
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    Powers & Abilities Oda’s missed opportunities to give haki to the rest of SHPs

    Its kinda insane that Franky still doesnt have Armament + it would look so good on him
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    Chapter Discussion Why Momo said that to Yamato (1054 Spoilers)

    I wanted Luffy or sanji/zoro vs greenbull but this makes way more sense :kriwhat::kriwhat::kriwhat:
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    One Piece Episode 1025 - The Worst Generation Gets Wiped Out?! The Emperors' Deadly Attack!

    Damn tatsumaki before and now hakai... another zoro moment butchered. I hope they go all out on Ashura at least.
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    Character Discussion Sanji's journey: what would you do different compared to Oda?

    By far the easiest choice is giving him a fight in WCI. He even should have fought twice in there or K.O bobbin for the rest of the arc. Another easy one is removing the nosebleed in FMI.
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    Anime & Manga List all Sanji fans theories in Wano

    Holy fucking cope. This is pathetic :josad:
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    Speculations Zoro and Sanji will only have one more all-out fight.

    Idk about 3 but they will have lots of small and big W. They have to be legends at the end of the series after all. :kayneshrug:
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    B-B-B-BUT MY RYUMA PARALELL! Its for luffy :saden: B-B-B-BUT MY HELL SIDEPLOT!! ITS FOR A FUCKING SANJI GAG :risitavirus::risitavirus::risitavirus:
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    I was here for the death of ZKK. :cheers:
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    Future Events Please enlighten me why ZKK won't happen

    This is hilarious lmao, zkk fans love to make boogeymans to make themselves the victim. Its just fun to make fun of zkk, dont think about it too much.
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    Future Events About Zeff, and sanji's potential conundrum.

    Unrelated, but Luffy shouldve mentioned All Blue in that WCI scene, thats why its not a 10/10 scene for me :kriwhat:
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    One Piece chapter 1048 Spoiler Discussion

    So, how is ZKK gonna play out with luffy defeating Kaido next chap? Is he gonna wake up next chapter? Is kaido gonna land in Wano and then awaken for one last time?
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    Character Discussion Why did Oda include Marco in Wano?

    For the monster trio to surpass him
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    General & Others What parts of Onigashima are you most excited to see animated?

    I really hope they go all out in Sanji last combo vs Queen
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    Speculations Zoro fans should drop the manga

    Zoro fans try NOT to be a victim challenge (IMPOSIBLE) (EXTREME) (GOES WRONG)