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  1. Mwandishi

    How men in One Piece world can live with those big titted bimbos walking around?

    They probably have horse-like erection 24/h.
  2. Mwandishi


    obito is pedophile
  3. Mwandishi

    Speculations How many arcs remains?

    Let's see: 1. Ending of Egghead Island 2. Elbaf 3. Finding last road poneglyph and road to Laugh Tale 4. Laugh Tale and final war 5. Epilogue
  4. Mwandishi

    Questions & Mysteries Naruto obsession with sasuke doesn't make any sense

    Naruto married an introverted girl with dark hair and special eyes. Sasuke married an extroverted, confident, and loud girl who was obsessed with him.
  5. Mwandishi

    Versus Battle Can those powers bypass Satoru Gojo infinity?

    His opponent removed oxygen from the atmosphere. For example, Storm from Marvel. His opponent shrank to a sub-quantum level. For example, Ant-Man from Marvel. His opponent became 0-dimensional. For example, Ant-Man from Marvel. His opponent used an anti-matter weapon. For example, Megatron from...
  6. Mwandishi

    Controversial One of my biggest problem with One Piece

    Most characters without devil fruits have boring fighting style. Strawhats are exceptions: Zoro has three swords Sanji is using only kicks Usopp has plants Franky is cyborg Jimbe is using water Nami has weather manipulation Except straw hats, Mihawk is quite unique because of his sword...
  7. Mwandishi

    Powers & Abilities Does Haoshoku Haki have more applications?

    What are technieques of CoC? Domination - temporarily dominate the psyche of others and intimidate them Incapacitation - user is capable of knocking people and animals in their vicinity unconscious. Pressure - damaging inanimate objects and structures in the user's vicinity Infusion - stat...
  8. Mwandishi

    Versus Battle Zoro vs Killer Bee

    Bee without samehada Current Zoro VS
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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Mwandishi

    Character Discussion Oda downplayed Roger

    Gol D. Roger was hyped as the King of Pirates who achieved everything in this world, yet his role in One Piece is, in fact, smaller than originally suggested. One Piece is not Roger himself; he only discovered that treasure and made it widely known. He hyped Joy Boy's treasure. For me, this is a...