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  1. Max Alvarado

    Chapter 1079 - The Emperor Red-Haired Pirates

    Why are some many people are shocked on the outcome. Shanks probably used his strongest attack to eliminate Kidd. Do honestly think that Kidd or Law could defend Kaidou's final attack on Luffy. The combined power of awakened Kidd and Law were not even close to defeating Big Mom. They just...
  2. Max Alvarado

    Spoiler General One Punch Man Spoilers

    Pretty short chapter, it sux!
  3. Max Alvarado

    One Punch Man Chapter 160 : Divide

    I hope that his lines would be as hilarious as in WC. I just read ig again to refresh my memories, but was really funny fight, Saitama totally toyed with him.
  4. Max Alvarado

    Discussion Power Top 25 Mysterious Beings

    I would put Boros above Garou. Saitama actually acknowledged Boros that he's strong, and pulled some serious moves, while he's totally toying with Garou in their space fight.