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  1. RedDrifter

    One Piece Chapter 1094: "Jay Garcia Saturn"

    Most definitely - Lucci, Saturn and Kizaru are all in play and escaping while all 3 are up and about is definitely a no. The only thing I see happening is a major player like Saturn being killed/defeated that will stop everyone in their tracks. Edit: Once Saturn dies/gets knocked out this is how...
  2. RedDrifter

    One Piece Chapter 1094: "Jay Garcia Saturn"

    I’m thinking that the ancient robot will have a massive play in defeating Saturn which will be the shocking news of Egghead and how the Strawhats eventually make their escape- the World Government will do everything in their power from then onwards to kill the Strawhats.
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    Are we about to witness CP0, Bonney, Vegapunks and Strawhats vs 30,000 marines, 9 vice admirals Saturn and Kizaru? I think so.
  4. RedDrifter

    One Piece Chapter 1088: "Last Lesson"

    Why would they? Unlikely that the world government wants this to happen, Garp also went there on his own accord in a way he disobeyed and ignored his role. This only leaves one option, the Strawhats+ Law (maybe the Grand Fleet?) invading and finally the big clash we all are waiting for!
  5. RedDrifter

    One Piece Chapter 1088: "Last Lesson"

    Garp being captured sets up the reason for the Strawhats to invade and take over Hacinosu island. This also sets up Law reuniting with the Strawhats and joining the battle to get his crew back. Law will fight Kuzan.
  6. RedDrifter

    Theory Luffy’s dream is..

    Like i've stated above, by finding the One Piece and ending the current rein of the World Government and Celeistal Dragons, he will indirectly lead people to quit piracy and change their lives. This sounds so far fetched but that is why Luffy's dream is so inconciveable to the crew and everyone...
  7. RedDrifter

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1086 Spoilers Discussion

    Calling someone’s life work “trash” while you’re probably some chummy kid is quite condescending and even laughable. Hope Odas eyes surgery isn’t something major or something that will impact him later.
  8. RedDrifter

    Theory Luffy’s dream is..

    “These things cannot be stopped: Inherited will. People's dreams. The ebb and flow of the ages. As long as people seek the answer to freedom, these will never cease to be” - Gol D. Roger Luffy wants to end the age of piracy and/or be the last pirate in the world and by that he will become the...
  9. RedDrifter

    One Piece - Chapter 1085: The death of Nefertari Cobra

    The black shadow arrow does not come from Imu directly, if you notice the positioning, Cobra is facing Imu and the black shadow comes from Cobras left side hence it is not coming directly from him.
  10. RedDrifter

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1085 Spoilers Discussion

    Crazy to think that Morgans knows about Imu wow
  11. RedDrifter

    General & Others So I figured out what Noah is for 100%

    To add on to this revelation - the Fishman have something to do with Im and the One Piece - we literally now know that Joyboy for one reason or another failed to be able to bring up the Fishmen to the surface this is huge news
  12. RedDrifter

    General & Others So I figured out what Noah is for 100%

    So, as we know - Joyboy made a promise to the fish men and broke it. Then left a message saying he was sorry that he couldn’t fulfill his promise and said that in 800 years he’ll complete it - So the Noah is not a battleship, but a transportation ship. Remember during Fishman Island that fish...
  13. RedDrifter

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers Discussion

    Having a really hard time figuring out how Cross Guild fits into the chase for One Piece.. Buggy is no threat at all to the crew, even Crocodile really can't take on any of the top brass at this point. The only person posing a direct threat is infact Mihawk, but how does it fit in narratively...
  14. RedDrifter

    Character Discussion What is Kuzan's Game now?

    I feel like Kuzan is playing double agent only for his own sense of justice. What do I mean by that? Kuzan knows the potential danger with Blackbeard and his crew so while not being the Fleet Admiral and enforcing his sense of justice within the marines, he’s going solo with his ideology of the...
  15. RedDrifter

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1068 Spoilers Discussion

    So this’ll be the part where Luffy absolutely destroys Lucci and his group and cements his position as Yonko
  16. RedDrifter

    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers Discussion

    Vegapunk asking Luffy to take him off the island might have something to do with this being a connection arc to Elbaf - Vegapunk could contribute quite a bit there, I assume as things are now Vegapunk will be joining the Revs as the World Government wants him dead.
  17. RedDrifter

    General & Others Oda just doesn't care anymore

    Honestly you guys are just crybabies either like the story or don’t, seeing these posts almost on a daily basis with no constructive input whatsoever is tiresome and super toxic.
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    General & Others This is absolutely shameless

    Oda is not baiting anyone 🤷‍♂️ Essentially he made it so everyone that should know before the story end knows and what more he did it on screen so there must be a reason, but like any other story decision Oda makes people question him without knowing why - One Piece isn’t perfect. It has its...
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    General & Others This is absolutely shameless

    Luffy’s dream is concealed because it’ll be related to the ending and like any good author on the planet you try to get the viewers hooked as much as possible. Nothing to do with bad writing at all.
  20. RedDrifter

    One Piece Chapter 1060 "Luffy's Dream"

    So as Uranus was brought up (probably, still unconfirmed) and God Valley as many mentioned was wiped out - likely because of the same weapon Im used, this makes me believe that Garp knows about it and witnessed it firsthand and this is what made him hate Celeistal Dragons and decline being an...