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    General & Others What will Weevils role in the story be?

    So far, Weevils actions are mostly due to the agency of Bakkin. He does seemingly care for WB, but his mothers orders take priority. He's likely going to be rescued by either Cross Guild, or Marco if he truly is WB's "son"/clone. Honestly, if Weevil looked cooler and more like the WB, it'd be...
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    General & Others Special/mythical paramecia

    Caribou is just an weak user. Katakuri is tiers above him in general, even disregarding fruits. Swamp is one of the weaker logia's, but it's still a logia with alot of utility. It would get far more usage in the hands of a half competent user.
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    General & Others Special/mythical paramecia

    Very true. But Katakuri having Mochi as his "element" is comparatively weaker compared to a typical Logia. Permanently changing the weather and nature control, is a good deal more powerful than having an edible element.
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    General & Others Special/mythical paramecia

    Katakuri's fruit had to be Paramecia because of awakening. For now, Oda is hiding the capabilities of Logia awakening.
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    Break Week Do you guys think Oda will ever let Usopp grow as a character and a fighter?

    Yes. He'll either get a new power-up in Elbaf or finally master his CoO. The latter of which is necessary if Van Augur is to be his end game battle.
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    Powers & Abilities How many Devil fruits are still unknown?

    Dalmation Jailer Beasts Some of the WB allied captains Caterpillar user, the floating cloth guy and the old lady who can summon a golem Likely Rakuyo's Chain
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    One Piece Chapter 1112: " Hard Aspect"

    Mostly a setting up chapter. I had some hope for these Vice Admirals, but they've been dealt with easily. Doberman is likely going to be the only half-decent fighter among these ones. But with such disparity in range I guess there's upwards of over 100 VA's.
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    General & Others Akainu’s internal armament

    Despite Kizaru being the Light speed man, he actually specialized in defence. Similarly, Akainu the aggressive fighter might focus on Observation. In Marineford he evades surprise attacks by Crocodile and Marco/Vista.
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    Chap 1111: Sun Shield

    For some reason the Robot gives Ancient Giant like vibes. Being much taller than normal giants as well as the horns. Perhaps it's the people of the pasts attempt at recreating an Oars.
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    Always did wonder if there's something more about those animals, or it's just a weird one off.
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    Rules In honor of Toriyama drop your favorite Dragonball or DBZ character and moment.

    Combined Earth Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu.
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    Questions & Mysteries Was Whitebeard awakened?

    He might've been. Just like Law could imbue his sword with Room, Whitebeard could imbue his bisento with a Quake.
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    Speculations What will Devon turn into Saturn for?

    She touched Saturn in his hybrid, so that's the only form she can turn into. Though her fruit being better than Bon Clays could mean she can disguise as all of Saturn's forms.
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    Controversial Who'd be the yonko

    Neither have what it takes to be Yonko crew, at that stage. Kid and Law might be individually strong, but they lack military power. Both Heart and Kid Pirates are far inferior to even WB remnants. Without them, even Katakuri and BM remnants have a higher chance of being a Yonko crew.
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    Controversial Whose a character you believe doesnt get the respect they deserve?

    Squard. The most underrated character in the entire series in terms of strength. An infamous New World veteran, chosen as leader of Whitebeard's allied forces and is instead treated majorly as absolute fodder. He's the most mentioned character by everyone that I've never seen been actually...
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    Speculations Who is coming to Egghead?

    Even setting aside Barto possibly already defeated by Shanks, can't see the Grand Fleet getting that strong of a reaction. Blackbeard pirates is possible, if disappointing, since in verse they haven't been discovered yet. Revolutionary army is also likely, but they are too far away, and...
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    Speculations Who did Kaido receive his 7 L’s from?

    Rocks, Roger and Whitebeard surely have defeated him. Regardless of what Kaido says, he has been confirmed beaten 7 times before. But since he was younger/if it wasn't a 1v1, he doesn't count it as a 'real' defeat.
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    General & Others Carrot becoming the new ruler of the Minks is the dumbest thing ever

    Mostly so, in terms of strength. Shishillian and co are all stronger. Then again, on the other point also. The Guardians have traveled out to sea with Neko before, so Carrot isn't unique on that front. Only thing she has going for her is being young. The new era favors the young.
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    Character Discussion Why Oda never sullied Whitebeard and Roger ?

    The two were treated as the golden standard of pirates. On the other hand, Big Mom and Kaido were the top Silver medalists. There's also because of Luffy himself who shares many of Roger/WB's aspects.
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    Theory Why Teach can use two DFs

    Teach's body was said to be unique even before eating the Yami. We find out later in the Oden flashback that he never sleeps. Him being able to use two DF's is connected to that.