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    Current Events I Attempt To Powerscale The Egghead Vice Admirals Based Off Of Almost Zero Information

    Old man might push one to lower high diff, which is pretty good edit: oops this is the general section. You’ll see how much better of a father Sakazuki is than the Monkeys when he walks Hibari down the aisle.
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    Current Events I Attempt To Powerscale The Egghead Vice Admirals Based Off Of Almost Zero Information

    On the bright side @Lee Ba Shou , one could technically use the VA rank to downscale Garp…
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    Powers & Abilities At what point did Oda retcon Luffy's DF?

    Oda retcons liberally. Where I’ll give him credit is that he is much better than most authors at hiding it, and it’s clear he regularly goes back and studies chapters from the distant past to keep things consistent. That said, if you read finely enough between the lines, you’ll find a lot of...
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    Anime & Manga Titty Kubo Has Defeated Lee (Remembering the Fallen)

    Critiquing kubo’s writing is like grading creative writing from a special Ed class. 1712779881 I haven’t read this thread but another funny thing to point out is that kubo had this one-sided feud with Oda for several years. I used to and still think it’s mostly jealousy but where my opinion has...
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    Break Week I'm pretty sure that Guernica is supposed to be Joseph

    For sure he knew the attack was coming, unlike Luffy. You could replace him with Pell or gan fall or pound or literally anyone else and they’d also survive if Oda wanted them to (which he would 99% of the time, whether it makes sense from a powerscaling perspective or not) Neither the manga...
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    Break Week I'm pretty sure that Guernica is supposed to be Joseph

    This is whack. With CP0’s portrayal being pretty solid mixed with oda’s inability to kill characters, this isn’t even much of an anti-feat for Kaido. Not nearly so much that you need to literally decide the author made a mistake in an effort to save his face.
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    Character Discussion Imu = The World's greatest fraud

    I never agreed with the premise, but the opening post is gold, regardless.
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    Character Discussion How important is strength when it comes to picking Favorite Characters?

    Since OP adheres very strongly to the Rank scales with asskicking trope, it’s very hard for a character to have high plot importance without also being physically strong, which makes it hard for weak characters to be fan favorites.
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    Controversial The "fall" of the Straw Hats on Egghead.

    I think they will accomplish at least one of these 3, especially the first because Oda loves keeping us in suspense about the void century. We’re likely going to get another trickle of hints which create more questions than they answer. Somehow I feel like Kizaru has more death flags than the...
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    Character Discussion Which Characters do you stan and why?

    1. Blackbeard. The true pirate. First in history to eat multiple fruits, likely due to his unique knowledge. Clever, cunning, a bit cowardly sure, but courageous Ace is dead and he’s at the top of the pirate world. Shanks warns whitebeard of his strength. Let that sink in. Also, he shares my...
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    Speculations Kizaru is going to face Zoro

    Against the three toughest opponents Luffy had, Croc, lucci and Kaido, he was at first completely outclassed, and beaten easily. There was then a diversion to one or more mini-arcs till he leveled up. And in the first arc in which he encountered big mom, he did not even attempt to fight her, and...
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    Speculations Kizaru is going to face Zoro

    idk man. The summoning of all 5 elders solidifies two things I've felt from the beginning (which still could be wrong for all I know) 1. Egghead is not going to fit the traditional mold of Luffy fights the big boss, Zoro fights #2 and Sanji fights #3. 2. Saturn is not going down in Egghead...
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    Future Events What's gonna happen to Kizaru?

    Voted that he'll betray, but it could go either way. He's beyond redemption, but killing VP could have pushed him past his limit of tolerating the WG. His sorrow seems to be increasing every chapter. In the state that he's in, he's hardly satisfactory as a villain.
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    I’ve had a gut feel for months that he was somehow going to die by Saturns hands, which seems increasingly plausible…
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    Speculations Luffy will end up fighting both Kizaru and Saturn at the same time

    Really good calls @Paperchampion23 . I still have trouble seeing Saturn going down here , but with your track record, I’m more inclined to doubt myself.
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    Fanclub BlackBeard ''Marshall D. Teach'' FC

    Chadbeard’s lackeys humiliating the world’s greatest authority, truly the ultimate pirate crew
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    Chapter Discussion No one deserves to get laughed at after they die part 2

    Facts. He’s probably the biggest disappointment in the entire manga for me. Used to have all sorts of running theories with friends about df’s being lost ancient technology, or souls, etc, instead we got “things that someone desired” And vp is just terrible as a character. Less than a zero...
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    Seraphim would make sense, but then they’d also have to know that the Gorosei have ultimate authority over them to understand how touching Saturn would make their lives easier. They have a lot of intel regardless.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1107 Spoilers Discussion

    If no one else, the Wlackbeard pirates are eating well.
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 1107 Spoilers Discussion

    As far as worstgen is concerned, everyone got low-diffed, and every agenda is already over.