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  1. spitles

    Future Events SSG: Oda fake hype ?

    SSG means ... Super ... Sexy Golems \( ͡❛ ᴗ ͡❛)/
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    Future Events OP is not ending in 5 years.

    It's 5 years but in the onepiece world timeline :madmonk:
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    Questions & Mysteries Is it the real Oden or is it a fake? And if it's a fake then who is it?

    Nobody went through "lineage factor" possibility ? Oden Artificial Fruit. Same as Momonosuke turning into Kaido's fish form once in a while, there would be a character turning into Oden once in a while. :madmonk:
  4. spitles

    Questions & Mysteries Is it the real Oden or is it a fake? And if it's a fake then who is it?

    Squad, what probability % chance would you give to "Oden Dial" (vision dial) possibility ?
  5. spitles

    Questions & Mysteries Is it the real Oden or is it a fake? And if it's a fake then who is it?

    % chance ? xD How many % chance would you give to Hawkins as Oden ? And how many % chance for each other funny possibility ?
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    Questions & Mysteries Is it the real Oden or is it a fake? And if it's a fake then who is it?

    Hey if it's Oden, then maybe we'll read Oden and Hyogoro lose against Kaido. I don't want to give hopes to people who may want to see some Blackbeard Pirates joining the Fire Festival, but Oden stance in 1007 is quite similar to Devon stance, with the arms and the hands on the hips, imo.
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    thanks dude

    thanks dude
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    thanks mate

    thanks mate
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Orochi dead?

    olochi joins the alliance :yasu:
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    Show yourself.

    we need moar girls, so i did download face app, there you go, joy boy's secret sister lol :
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    Show yourself.

    great imu's face reveal in 3 2 1 there you go ............
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    The baiting Room

    ye .... it's fan-art, they include their funny theories etc... x) ..... still i agree with oda, i would prefer them to try to do their own original manga i mean it's cool to learn from onepiece, but then .......... original mangas please x) if i were to do onepiece themed manga/one-shot, it...
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    Chapter Discussion ONE PIECE 974: ONWARD TO ONIGASHIMA

    ... imagine it's been kanjuro's masterpiece since the beginning .... and several models, kid shinobu, top tier wank shinobu, fat shinobu, fat shinobu costume 2 ch.955, etc.... and if onepiece was seinen or hentai this could have been quite funny actually lol, imagine the asscrack bangs his drawings
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    Questions & Mysteries Who is the traitor?

    Does she really have to touch people ? Mr.2 did touch dudes, but there are no drawings with her doing so. She "click !" dudes, and that's it (?) ... But ye, the hag being the spoiler provider is what we may think first. Her Momo clone looks recent too, so it could be this, no need for another...
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    Questions & Mysteries Who is the traitor?

    I thought it was a dragon joke. What happens in chapter 969/970 doesn't require a spy. If there is any, my favorite possibility (based on contents only) is the postman. Oden did send a letter to Yasu, we don't know how, but the postman possibility is there. The other possibilities aren't funny...
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    Spoiler One Piece Chapter 970 Spoilers Discussion

    it's the mysterious informer x0 !!! ... nah it's tsuru tsuru toying with a tsurumaru paper plane origami cool eh ?
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    The baiting Room

    it takes some time to choose ressources/contents, the overall design, etc... but then the montage alone can be done in 1 to 2 hours imo. each ressource (dudes, vc covers, etc...) took time too lol. ... let's say up to 500 hours for everything.
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    One Piece Chapter 967 Spoiler Summaries and Images

    lol imagine he's laughing like the funny jamaican tour guide (go @ youtube if you don't know about this)
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    Fiction Writing Brainstorming

    hi, this is @worstuser i wanted to share some funny lines, about fiction brainstorming maybe it will help you for your funny fictions, maybe not it's me writing, not a copy-paste from where-ever and as i'm sub-low-tier when it comes to write maybe it will be a bit hard to read lol --- 1. so...