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  1. King7

    Future Events How will Teach be defeated ?

    I think with Rocks revealed to have some similarities with Teach , ( both being Ds and having Fullalead/Beehive island as base ) , it's plausible that Teach will be defeated like Rocks , a Marine and a Pirate ganging up on him I think if it were to happen , Pirate = obviously Luffy ( Roger of...
  2. King7

    Where is Fujitora from ?

    Vivre Card had revealed that Fujitora / Issho is from Grand Line , but which exact country he is from ? I think he's from Wano . I saw that Wano is meant as a reference to Tokugawa Japan ( 1603-1868 ) in another site and that Zatoichi's story was set in the late Tokugawa period . Also it...
  3. King7

    General & Others Dragon got off paneled ?

    Considering it's currently the 9th day after Reverie , do you think Dragon will get off paneled ? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Assuming it's the 5th day of Reverie when Teach was talking about it in chapter 925 ( because he read Newspaper which only...