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    Questions & Mysteries Is kizaru vegapunk?

    Sentomaru îs his bodyguard but what kind of shitty bodyguard leaves the person he protects Alone? Like back in SA both pre TS and post. Vegapunk must of been close, in his range.
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    Questions & Mysteries Beast pirates commanders

    Jack- commander of normal headliners and gifters. ( hawkins, speed, holdem) queen: commander of Flying 6( page1, drake) king- commander of numbers( giants army) orochi: commander of samurai
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    Questions & Mysteries How broken is kanjuro?

    Now that we know he can draw really good, can't he just draw army of dragons like kaidou or something, or draw zunisha, or draw akainu. how broken is he and how much does it boost kaidou's army if he clones king and the strongest warriors.
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    Questions & Mysteries Blackbeard already has a Zoan

    And he had it since ever? The mythical cerberus. and why he can get more fruits powers. if you followed bb, you know he had a wolverine claw one that even scared shanks, and even today in volume 96 cover you can see him with the claw. also why bb never sleeps, he has 3 heads that 1 can sleep 1...
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    Questions & Mysteries Law's final bounty will be 5 billion!

    We know law's fruit is Worth 5 billion. But law coudl reach fruit price in Bounty. roger has 5,5 b and luffy will have something similar, and biggest pirate rival of roger wb had 5 billion. law if he stayed the biggest pirate rival of luffy he will get 5 billion like wb, or his fruit price.
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    Questions & Mysteries Is Kyoshiro good?

    Kyoshiro saved hiyori from orochi and faked her death. So îs he loyal dog of orochi Like he told Zoro or îs that a lie he îs loyal to kozuki clan and will join them. Maybe he îs related to hyo family or yasu family, or fox master.
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    Questions & Mysteries Is SWORD independent?

    One of the reason why akainu didn't want kizaru to go to wano is because they don't know the strength of samurai. But with xdrake among beats pirates, they should know. is sword not answering to FA and is sengoku still leading it keeping their actions secret from akainu and kong? and is not...
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    Questions & Mysteries ENMA IS NOT TAKING ON KAIDOU

    Before this chapter you guys said zoro has to cut kaidou because he has only blade that gave him his only scar. yet this chapter reveals oden used both swords. so unless you think someone with the other sword has to fight kaidou too and help zoro cut kaidou then it's not happening. zoro vs...
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    Questions & Mysteries Predicting the future îs coo?

    The fishman girl was predicting stuff years ahead, Like neptune will have a daughter, She will be ancient weapon, but îs that based on coo Like how katakuri can see a bit into the future or îs that Something else Like .. what?
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    Questions & Mysteries Greatest pirate of all time

    Even Roger only became pk because wb borrowed him his nakama, that wb found and took with him. Roger îs a fraud. And luffy îs a joke.
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    Versus Battle Captain Marvel vs kizaru

    Marvel versions vs kizaru Scenario 1 movie versions of cm, S2 comics versions . Carol danvers
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    General & Others Op treasure sure îs hilarious

    Why Roger and crew laugh at the treasure and even named IT laugh tale , what îs șo funny?
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    Questions & Mysteries Papazuki coming to Wano

    Fujitora is after boa as you can see him fighting her snake ship and only one that can counter her power since he is blind to love. Who thinks coby is alone and will solo boa is trolling lol Kizaru could be after weevil since kizaru introduced weevil as someone with wb's strength from his Young...
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    Questions & Mysteries Why Roger îs not a swordman

    Roger had many extreme battles with garp, as in GARP THE FIST. Unless You think Rogers sword was clashing with garps fist all this time in all these battles, and that îs stupid. Roger îs Like wb, when needed he can pull his sword bisento to fight weapons, or he punches You into the ground. He...
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    Versus Battle soba mask vs spiderman

    scenario 1 miles morales scenario 2: spiderman 2099 scenario 3: batman beyond
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    Questions & Mysteries Why ace never achieved his father's greatness

    was it because instead of staying captain, he decided to join under someoen else wanting to make that guy pk? or was it becaude he took on the NW too early, since it seems roger became pk old.
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    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's final bounty over 3 billion

    As You knows Roger had 5,5 b, luffy's gomu no îs 5656 șo his final bounty will be 5,6. Sanji name îs 3 o' clock, îs number 3 in germa, has now 330 m so his final bounty could be 3 billion. Or 3,3 or 3000000333 or something
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    Aquaman vs jimbei

    Movie aquaman, scenario 1 before aquaman got his armor and trident, scenario 2 with the new gear. The fight îs in water. Scenario 3 comics aquaman
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    Questions & Mysteries Straw Hat will get another big name as a Nakama?

    Luffy said since the start that he wants 10 nakamas, and with blackbeard having 10 men under him, SHs shoudl get another one after jimbe. but the point is that with how rox pirates, roger pirates, wb pirates had many strong commanders, zoro, sanji, jimbe are really not enough, another strong...
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    Questions & Mysteries How will the new fruit users awaken their fruits?

    Katakuri and doflamingo, the only confirmed awakened fruit users, had their fruits since 5 years old/10 years old, as in for 30-40 years so they had shitload of time to train to awaken their fruits. but how will new fruit users like shilliew or sabo awaken their fruits until the end so fast...