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  1. SmokedOut

    Character Discussion Who's Your Favorite Smoker?

    As the title implies, who's your favorite character that smokes in OP? I'm sure I missed someone, so list whoever that is ✌️✌️. (What happened to all my pictures?)
  2. SmokedOut

    Powers & Abilities Favorite Strawhat Named Attack

    As the title suggests, list your favorite named attacks of each Strawhat. Here's mine: Luffy: Black Mamba Zoro: Shishi Sonson Nami: Mirage Tempo Usopp: Impact Wolf Sanji: Party Table Kick Course Chopper: Brain Point Scope Robin: Spank Franky: Iron Boxing Brook: Yahazu Giri...
  3. SmokedOut

    General & Others Ranking One Piece Fathers

    Where do you rank the Fathers of One Piece? My list includes Fathers by both blood and by Surrogacy/Adoption. Here's mine: S: Whitebeard, Kyros, Corazon, Senior Pink, Zeff A: Pound, Riku, Tom, Roger B: Beige, Koushirou, Cobra, Neptune C: Chinjoa, Garp, Oden, Donquixote Homing, Mr. 9 D: Kaido...
  4. SmokedOut

    One Punch Man Live-Action

    Looks like Sony is developing a OPM live-action movie. Just like with most adaptations, I'm expecting a disaster of epic proportions...
  5. SmokedOut

    Fanclub Marines FC

    CALLING ALL MARINES!! If you support the Marines, you need to join this fan club! Your village needs you, your sea needs you, your Admiral needs you! Join Now! That's an Order! World Government Im Sama: @K!NG HARA$H!MA Gorosei Sword Ghandi: @Gran D. Master Gorbachev...
  6. SmokedOut

    Light it up

    Someone hand me a lighter, SmokedOut is back in the building!:myman: