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    Character Discussion Kaido can fly in ALL HIS FORMS

    Just need to point out that Kaido is making Onigashima fly while switching forms. Which pretty much means that he can also fly in any form he wants to. It seems people have no idea about that. Edit: One more thing people seem to struggle with. So far Mythical Zoans seems to act different from...
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    Next Arc Pure Asspulling!

    Just read the next arc after Mugen Train and it was completely asspulling. I was completely fine with Tanjiro handling nerfed Upper Moon 6(weakest and nerfed without that thing outside her body) but he was still losing to her. When she is in her complete form, suppose to be a true Upper Moon 6...
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    Current Events Yamato, Luffy and Oda being inconsistent (as always)

    Is Oda even aware that he is portraying Yamato to be stronger than Luffy if she handles Kaido until Luffy comes back? Oda for some reason is always portraying Luffy as weak outside main battle and other people seems stronger than him for that. For example Luffy getting two-shotted by Apoo...
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    Current Events What Do You Want for Wano?

    Pretty simple. What would you like to happen with current Wano arc?
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    Powers & Abilities Everybody has all types of haki and you can't proof otherwise

    This will be simple. Literally every living being has all types of haki(being 3 or whatever the bullshit voice of all things is) and you can't proof otherwise. Rayleigh already stated that everybody(not sure if he said people or living beings) have at least armament and observation, just need...
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    Anime & Manga Oda biggest mistake at Wano Arc

    When Black Maria vs Robin + Brook started Black Maria made the very smart decision of making this a topless fight: But Oda biggest mistake is making Robin fighting her with her clothes on... Do you think Oda is waiting for Brook to leave so Robin go topless and have a true catfight with...
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    General & Others Timeskip was USELESS

    What is the purpose of timeskip if Luffy was not ready to be Pirate King already? I think the set up for timeskip was great by Oda. Was big L's after big L's. We could argue that began with Aokiji, but Luffy learning G2 and G3 after that I bet people were expecting him to figure out the...
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    Speculations Tama next(maybe first?) Mink Queen?

    Oda kind of nerfed Tama by her power only working with smiles and animals and not Zoan Devil Fruit. For real I have no problems with her fruit working with Zoans but the ones who had CoC she couldn't tame. Would be good enough to me, Kaido wouldn't be tamed, probably King maybe Queen, Jack and...
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    Speculations Raid failling. FINALE

    First of all, let's discuss a bit about Kaido remaining at rooftop after Scabbards fight. He beat them, started to drink, BM show up to talk to him(not really sure why she went there but only a set up for 2 Yonko vs 5 Supernova fight and because she most likely would have killed everybody down...
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    Powers & Abilities Magna new power up. Plot armor or not?

    To me it sounds like a huge plot armor, does the author even know what that power means? Magna can literally fight Demon King as equal if he connects this magic. For sure, Dante let him easily connect, not saying that Magna is even beating him but just to be at same power level is a bit...
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    General & Others OP anime has nothing to do with OP manga[SPOILER]

    OP anime have always had many flaws and few positive points towards manga. But lately all it has are negative points and huge flaws. For example Luffy x Kaido battle, nothing against with extending the fight, many complained about Luffy being punching Kaido so much giving the impression he...
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    Powers & Abilities Luffy Base Form x Luffy G4

    So far Luffy G4 it seems a real joke at this raid. He would use G4 against Tobiroppo and Numbers while having adv armament that would hit them stronger and not having haki drawback? As I see Luffy G4 x Kaido wasn't able to use adv armament. Why I think that? Luffy hit Kaido hard enough at...
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    Theory Pedro is alive and will fight Perospero in his Sulong Form

    Is just a feeling of how the series works. Oda almost never kill characters, even when they do sacrifices like this just remember Pell and Pound(probably others that I don't remember for now). Sulong form is a hype and Oda is carrying whole New World by hype only since the history itself is not...
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    General & Others Kaido's 5 shadows above Luffy completely lost sense

    After chapter 1010 we learned that coating attacks with conqueror is what a handful of strongest can do. So Luffy at chapter 1000 wasn't using the ability that those shadows probably used against Kaido. That makes that statement completely bullshit back then and would make sense only after 1010...
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    Speculations Zoro. Mihawk. Conqueror.

    Even before 1010 I already thought that Mihawk didn't had Conqueror since he didn't taught Zoro. I was already sure Zoro had it even without a statement. Now to me is more than clearly that Mihawk doesn't have that is why he never realized Zoro had it. They trained for 2 years Zoro for sure...