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  1. MagmaDog

    Chapter Discussion Oda not making sense by having Who's who going to jail.

    So let me get this straight. Who's who gets 12 years in jail for losing a devil fruit but Rob Lucci gets promoted to to Cp0 and doesn't go to jail for losing Nico Robin who's importance is IMMENSE? How does this make sense Oda.
  2. MagmaDog

    General & Others Dumb writing regarding children and honor

    This whole big mom and Nami crap talking about "muh honor" is straight trash...They are treating Ulti like some deranged physcopath. Ummm Nami you used a child in a war and you want to talking about someone hitting them? YOU are putting the kid in direct danger by making them a child soldier...
  3. MagmaDog

    General & Others How come Kaido couldn't stop Vegapunk from experimenting on him.

    The worlds "strongest" creature couldn't stop Vegapunk from experimenting on him? Surely this took a good amount of time. Marines clearly had him on lock