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    Versus Battle My Hero Academia vs Black Clover

    Give me one example of Power of Friendship in Black Clover.
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    Versus Battle Julius vs Magna

    Julius reverses time on the Soul Chain removing it. Magna cries.
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    Powers & Abilities Magna new power up. Plot armor or not?

    Plot Armor is when a character escapes a dire situation without a believable explanation. Magna's case does not apply to this. His new power is well explained and has a huge drawback of needing half a year worth of preparation. Magna probably can't do jack squat to any Qliphoth Demon considering...
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    Discussion Power The Black Bulls are overpowered!

    The amount of power in the Black Bulls far outmatches any other squad in the Kingdom. They have: Asta - Captain level+, possibly Wizard King level. Yami - Captain level Nacht - Captain level Charmy - Captain level Noelle - Possibly Captain level Secre - Arcane Stage Vanessa - Arcane Stage Grey...
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    Black Clover - Chapter 285 - A Hellish Game of Tag

    Wait, you guys think the white haired dude is Nacht? I think Morgen just took his brother's name after he died.
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    What did you like and dislike about GT ?

    Every time I watch the ending of Gt, I tear up, so much feels. :pepecry:
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    Black Clover Chapter 278 spoilers

    LOOOOL, Jack is busted, how do you cut gravity????
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    Versus Battle Natch Vs. Yuno

    Cool matchup, if we go just by the feats shown so far, I'd go with Yuno, his passive matter destruction should be too potent of a defense for Nacht's Pack. Even Hunting Grounds might not work because of Yuno's Mana Zone.
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    Versus Battle Team Black Clover Vs. Schutzstaffel

    Hmm, depends. If Vanica can grant immortality to the whole Triad, then they cannot loose, the Schutzstaffel lack any way to negate that kind of ability. Pernida and Askin are the weakest here. Neither can survive Dante's Singulary or Zagred's Demon Swarm. Even if Askin could somehow adapt to...
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    Versus Battle Shinji vs Akatsuki

    Genjutsu shouldn't work in my opinion because sword spirits function similarly to a tailed beast. It should break him out of it.
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    Black Clover - Chapter 276 - Boreas

    Its a double standard, Asta gets his power-ups in the same or even shorter timeframes.
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    Versus Battle Yuno vs Mereoleona

    VS HYPE vs HYPE Who would win?
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    Black Clover - Chapter 276 - Boreas

    He already got shown. I like that Yuno is getting his revenge, even though its probably not enough to take down Zenon.
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    Hey y’all?😎

    Hey, glad to see you here, Kade!
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    Spoiler Black Clover General Spoiler Thread

    Full Crown, baby! Now, we'll finally see Zenon getting serious!
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    Versus Battle Mereoleona Vermillion VS Yami Sukehiro

    ROFL, come on now, we shouldn't completely disreggard the opinions of the people who work closely with Tabata on adapting his manga into motion picture.
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    Versus Battle Mereoleona Vermillion VS Yami Sukehiro

    Well, it seems the latest episode of the Anime had the same question as us. We got a fight between Yami and Mereoleona. EP 156 Its pre-time skip, so Yami doesn't really know how to fully utilize Mana Zone and Mereo doesn't have her Hellfire yet. Its also a training so both held back on their...
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    Does somebody belive flat earth?

    @Yubel Check these videos out. Really well made content that may help you out. Professor Dave has quite a few videos that explain the problem with the flat earth model. Btw, did you name yourself after the character from Yu-Gi-Oh Gx?
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    Theory Tree of Life and the Path to Light

    That is a cool theory, and I can definitely see this happening, but I really wish Tabata would explore the other continents, the whole Angels and Demons thing has really been done to death by so many other mangas.
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    Versus Battle Mereoleona Vermillion VS Yami Sukehiro

    You shouldn't have given up, you made some really good points. @Admiral Lee Hung Did you really trying to use feats from the begining of the series and pass them of as if Yami has not improved at all over all of those chapters? Since that fight with Patry, Yami has learned how to use Mana...