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  1. Eustass

    Your favorite artist

    My awnser is the obvious awnser. :kayneshrug: Who's yours?
  2. Eustass

    Does anybody remember that crazy Vergo guy from Orojackson?

    Yooo, I wanna see if anybodye remembers that Vergo wanker from OJ.. The guy made me laugh hard man.. Much better than Erkan 😂
  3. Eustass

    Favorite Candy bars

    I'm currently on a really intense debate whitin my head. What is better : snickers or white kinder bueno. And while that passed through my mind, I decided to start ranking candy bars for some reason cause my work is so boring and I have all the fucking candy right in front of me. AS of now I...
  4. Eustass

    Anime Discussion Best Anime Adaptations

    So, of all manga that had anime adaptations, which ones do you think had a better anime adaptation ? Im not much familiar, Im more looking for recommendations, but fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood is really well done in my opinion
  5. Eustass

    Versus Battle Espada vs Shichibukai

    Who wins ? VS I sincerely have no idea how the verses compare
  6. Eustass

    Is Bleach cool?

    So, for those of you who saw or read it, should i ? And read or ser the manga ? Thanks WG (was almost saying OJ lmao rip)
  7. Eustass

    Versus Battle Neji vs Sasuke

    The best what if battle the world of Naruto has ever seen S1 : Chuunin Exams (start) Sasuke vs Neji S2 : Chuunin Exams (final) Sasuke vs Neji S3 : First Mark Sasuke from start of Chuunin Exams (the One who broke the sound guy arm) vs Neji Imo S1 - Neji mid diffs. Sasuke was bellow base Lee...
  8. Eustass

    Album Recommendations

    Mine : In Rainbows : Radiohead Animals & Meddle : Pink Floyd Debut Album : King Crimson Madvillainy : Madvillain ATliens : Outkast Revolver : Beatles My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy : The Great Kanye West Elis & Tom - Elis Regina & António Jobim Miles Davis : Bitches Brew Marvin Gaye ...
  9. Eustass

    Movie Recommendations

    So? Mine are silence of the lambs, pulp fiction, the shining and fight club
  10. Eustass

    Conspiracy theories you believe

    That's that I believe almost 100% that 9/11 was an inside job, Epstein was silenced. I'm pretty open on global warming not being cause by us but as of now I prefer staying with the option it's caused by us, BUT theres 150%a lot of false info about it, and lots, LOTS of politicians wanting to...
  11. Eustass

    Speculations Future of Katakuri

    Katakuri was the biggest fight for Luffy after the timeskip, and is arguably the most popular character introduced after the timeskip. He also had a lot of highlights in terms of personality and backstory. What role will he play in the future? This all depends on what happens at Wano, but me...
  12. Eustass

    Favorite Music Genres

    So, what are your favorite genres ? And your favorite albums of those genres ? Mine are : Rock, mostly blues/psychedelic/progressive Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is an obvious choice here, but The Wall/Animals/Meddle/Wish You Were Here at all truly mindblowing albums. Beatle's and Led...
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    Yo, Eustass D.kidd

    Yo whats up great forum
  14. Eustass

    Versus Battle Jiraya vs Kakuzu

    Who wins ? Jiraya can't use Gamabunta nor the other toads. Kakuzu has the water mask Verdict : Kakuzu has 6 lives and good durability plus good taijutsu and amazing Jutsu, being able to utilize 5 elements and with amazing strength. The fire jutsu he uses on Kakashi on the forest is OP as...
  15. Eustass

    Versus Battle Itachi vs Minato

    Minato vs Conditions : - Minato as he was when he died. No restrictions but no Kyuubi. - Itachi in an hypothetical scenario. He's totally healthy. - Itachi's stamina is equalized. - Itachi has knowleadge, Minato knows he's expectional at genjutsu - Minato can use Gamabunta Verdict : IMO...